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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rumparooz G2 One Size Pocket Diaper Review

Once we decided we were going to cloth diaper, Rumparooz was one of the first brands I knew I wanted. I would like to say that I had researched and decided these were the best diapers, but it was really because of something much more superficial: I love their prints. Specifically, I love this print: Gumball.

I don't know why, but it just makes me happy! I am not alone in this, as we have often found the Gumball print to often be sold out at cloth diaper stores, and at least one cloth diaper store owner has confessed to me that it's her favorite print as well! Isn't Jaxon so sweet?
Moving on, because you came to read a review not just to see pictures of my adorable baby.

The Rumparooz G2 is a one size pocket diaper that fits from 6-35 pounds. The diaper comes with two inserts, a longer insert that snaps down, and a newborn insert. Jaxon started out as a heavy wetter, and I've never actually used my newborn inserts for any of my diapers that came with them. I skipped straight to the snap down insert to provide that extra absorbency up front where he needs it. He is not as heavy a wetter as he used to be, so we are still using the single longer insert (at 9 months and 20 lbs), but I know that should we need to add extra absorbency, we can always add the newborn insert in there as a doubler.
Jaxon at 2 weeks old (around 10 lbs)
My favorite feature of the Rumparooz diaper are the gussets. The leg and back gussets contain even the messiest of breastfed baby poops. We've never had a problem with any poop leaking from this diaper. When Jaxon was a newborn with skinny legs, these diapers fit him perfectly and we never had any leak issues, even with the messiest of breastfed baby poops. This diaper is a great one size choice for newborns.

That being said, we have had pee leaks. Jaxon likes to sleep on his stomach, and has for a while now. I find that the Rumparooz diaper doesn't fit quite as flush against his stomach as other diapers do. This, combined with the fact that he's a boy and his pee is concentrated up front, means that he often wakes up from naps with a wet tummy. For that reason, I do not use this diaper overnight. I will note that our leak issues with this diaper are confined to times when he is sleeping on his stomach. We have not had any leaks from the leg. This is still a diaper I reach for all the time. It's also one of my favorite diapers to put Jaxon in when we are away from home because it always gets lots of compliments!

The only other issue I have had with Rumparooz is that they sometimes leave marks on Jaxon's legs. He does have chubby thighs now, so all babies will not have this issue (we didn't have any problems when his thighs were skinny).

I'm not 100% sure this diaper will fit Jaxon to 35 lbs. It's smaller than our other one size diapers (see photo below). He's already at 20 lbs, and we only have one rise setting left. It's hard for me to see this fitting him until potty training, mostly because of the rise. I guess it will depend on where he gains the weight/grows, because I do know that some people are using these on their 2 year olds.

You can purchase Rumparooz for around $23.50 for solid colors or $25.50 for prints at Kelly's Closet.

I bought my own Rumparooz diapers and all opinions are my own. My affiliate links are present in this review. 


  1. What a great review! Thank you for sharing, I hadn't heard of these but will be checking them out for sure. :)

  2. Love rumparooz cloth diapers too- and I agree, Gumball is such a cute print =) Love the blog!