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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Snack Time


  1. Ha! Isaac loves those puffs, too. :) What is that round tub, is that one of those other toddler finger foods? I haven't tried anything but puffs and mum-mums so far. He loves them both. :)

  2. The round tub is called Lil Crunchies. They are one of Jaxon's favorites. They come in several flavors. He seems to like the one called "Veggie Dip" best (they have a ranch smell to them). They also have a cheddar flavor and a cinnamon maple flavor & Happy Baby makes a spinach/cheddar flavor. Be warned, if Isaac eats a cinnamon maple one, he will smell like pancakes until you give him a bath. It's impossible to get that smell off of Jaxon after he eats one! LOL. He loves the flavor but sometimes I don't like him smelling like pancakes all day so I don't give them to him except right before a bath. Jaxon loves the Mum Mums too!