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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Bringing Chubby Back!

I took Jaxon for his 1 month appointment this morning. He is actually 5 weeks old as of yesterday. He is now 22 inches long (up from 20 ¾ at birth), which is the 90th percentile. His head is 15 ½ inches (up from 14 ½ inches at birth), which is the 75th percentile.

Now for his weight – he was 8 lbs 13 oz at birth and on March 8th at our appointment, he weighed 9 lbs 14 oz. And now, he weighs 13 lbs 2 oz! So in 17 days he has gained more than 3 pounds! Wow! I was so impressed with him! That’s the 97th percentile.

The pediatrician was also impressed. He told me I probably could have fed twins. He said Jaxon looks great. The only thing that Jaxon needed help with was his neck. He has something called torticollis, which is basically a twisted neck. The doctor told us to try to get him to look towards his left more and to do some little exercises with him twice a day.

Jaxon got mad when they pricked his foot, and cried when he got his shot, but calmed down very quickly.

So all in all, a good appointment! But my baby is growing too fast!!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stroller Love

I’m starting to feel sorry for Jaxon. Every time he gets to sleep, his siblings wake him. I know a perfectly quiet atmosphere is not realistic, or even ideal, but it would be nice if he could get a nap every once in a while. Right now he only sleeps for a few minutes in my arms after he eats, after they go to bed, and in the stroller at the park. It doesn’t make sense- the park is loud, too. But I guess the hardwood floors in the house amplify things more than when I am walking the track at the park. Check him out –doesn’t he look so relaxed? I thought so, too, which is why I've taken him to the park every warm day this week!
This is the UppaBaby Vista stroller - Jaxon and I both love it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Breast Milk Jaundice

Jaxon is still looking a little yellow, especially in his eyes. We also had several people mention to us over the past few days that they thought he looked yellow. Concerned that his jaundice was lingering,  we called the pediatrician. She told us to come in and have him tested. His bilirubin level was 8.4. The doctor said that it’s caused by breastmilk jaundice. I was concerned that I would have to stop breastfeeding for a couple of days in order to allow the bilirubin to clear out of his system, but the doctor said there was no need for that. She said his levels were not high enough to be dangerous and that it would all clear up in a couple of weeks.

He is gaining weight - he was 9 lbs 14 oz at the doctor’s office.   

We also found out that his newborn screening came back and everything is normal – no CF. That was very good to hear. 

Got to go-the boy wants to eat...again!