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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tummy Sleeper

So this is Jaxon's new thing:

Yes, he is sleeping on his stomach. Here's what happens. I lay him down. On his back, of course, because who hasn't heard of "Back to Sleep"? I was even given a sleepsack that says "Back to Sleep" on it. I'm appropriately terrified of SIDS, as I'm sure many of you are. 

So anyway, I lay him down. And then he flips. Almost immediately. He's like a little sleeping acrobat - he's so fast. Here's the worst part. He not only flips to his stomach, but he usually buries his face in the mattress. 

So of course I always fix his face so it's at least turned to the side. But last night when I did that, he just kept burying his face back in the mattress. 

And so I flipped him back to his back. And he flipped back to his stomach. And I turned him back to his back. And he flipped back to his stomach and then lifted his head and cried because he was tired of me messing with him. So then I brought him into bed with me. At least in my bed, he's nestled in the crook of my arm and there's no way he's getting to his stomach. If he can't flip to his stomach, he can't bury his face in the mattress, right? 

So here's my problem. I want him to sleep in his bed. I don't really want to co-sleep. I just can't sleep when he's constantly trying to suffocate himself! We bought one of those baby monitors that detects movement. But when I went to set it up, I discovered that it won't work on the type of crib we have (which is a pretty standard crib, but it has springs and the movement monitor only works on cribs where the mattress sits on a flat surface, not on springs). Ugh.

And honestly, I don't sleep too well when he's in bed with us, since he seems to wake up and want to nurse more when he's right next to me. 

We're looking for the right video monitor to buy but I'm not sure that will give me the peace of mind I'm looking for. I was scouring Amazon reading reviews on video monitors today and found this Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor

It's a little device that clips to your baby's diaper and works as a movement monitor. It vibrates after 15 seconds of no movement (to try and rouse the baby) and after 20 seconds it sounds an alarm. It looks like it would be helpful.

I think I'd still need a regular monitor to be able to hear him (or see him), but this could at least keep him from suffocating himself (or alert me if he started to). Have you used a movement monitor? Or do you have any tips for me on how to keep my baby on his back?


  1. I *think* if they're able to roll over their chances of SIDS goes down again, I wouldn't worry too much, I know that's hard though!

  2. Yeah, I think you are right. I guess the way he buries his face in the mattress is what scares me most! I wish he would stop doing that!

  3. Yes, what Christa said. I think it's really more of a concern for when they are new and can't roll over and pick their head up if they get trapped against something. Once they can roll over just let them sleep how they are comfortable. He'll pick up his head and move it if he needs to. :)