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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm in Denial

I'm late posting Jaxon's 10 month update. I think it's because I'm in denial over the fact that he is actually 10 months. I just cannot believe how quickly he is growing. Where's the pause button? Someone hit it for me! 
I'm loving this age, even though he's into EVERYTHING. But he's also very loving and sweet and he gives lots of kisses. 

He is starting to outgrow his 12 month clothes, which is terrible. I am not happy about putting my 10 month old into size 18 months. 

He has a few new words: bubble, balloon, yum-yum. He is using yum yum a lot to indicate he wants something he likes to eat: usually animal crackers or nursing. He still says love you in response to us, and he is also mimicking thank you, though it comes out more like "da-du". It's funny to me when he says "da-du" because that's exactly how one of my little brothers used to say "Thank you" when he was learning to talk. 
His favorite things to do:

Tear apart paper. Any type. Newspaper, letters, magazines, toilet paper, tissues, wrapping paper. He's going to have a blast on Christmas morning. 

Open drawers and cabinets and empty them of their contents. 

Be outside. 

Eat. He is officially my longest nurser now. My other two had weaned by this point. Jaxon is still going strong, which is great. Being home instead of working has its advantages. I'm a terrible pumper so I think if I was back at work my milk supply would have dropped like it did with the other two. I'm happy to be home and able to nurse him as much as he wants me to. Jaxon only eats the equivalent of about 1 1/2 jars of baby food a day, but he loves to sample our food. New foods this week: salmon (liked) and mashed cauliflower (tolerated). Mango, bananas, yogurt, and avocado are still favorite foods that I can usually count on him eating well. He also loves turkey, peas, green beans, and dried beans like black and pinto, but not mashed up - he likes to eat these whole. He only has two teeth - one on the bottom and one right above it on the top. His gums have been very swollen for several weeks so I think two more will come in soon. Thankfully, he's an easy teether and doesn't whine or fuss or cry. 

I discovered the other day that he can walk behind a walker toy. Check out this adorable video - this was his very first time to play with one of these! 

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