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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Jail

I'm thinking Jaxon might need one of these for Christmas.

Maybe we'll be sweet and get him this one so he can have a little fun while he's in baby jail. Doesn't this baby look like she's having fun in her little baby jail?

I used to think these things were for lazy parents who couldn't be bothered to babyproof or watch their kids. But now Jaxon's here. And now I understand that these are also for tired parents. Jaxon is constantly into everything he can possibly get into. He is obsessed with cords of all kinds. We have outlet covers on the outlets, and we've moved everything else out of here that needs to be plugged in (or covered the plugs with furniture) and now only have one lamp in our living room. Jaxon seeks it out and unplugs it. 

We have stairs that lead down to the girls room in the finished basement. He listens for them to come up and heads for their door in the hopes that they will forget to close it and he can dive down the stairs. He pulls our vents out of the floor. He can spot tiny toys or bits of paper across the room and he will go after them and put them in his mouth as soon as he sees them. Did you lose a pencil or a tiny Lego? Rest assured, Jaxon will find it. Today he found a dime that had fallen out of Jason's pocket. Luckily, we are always right with him so we can "rescue" him. 

This boy is busy, busy and he really keeps me on my toes. He has also convinced me that no matter how much you babyproof, a kid can find something to get into or eat or use to get hurt. There is really no substitute for parental supervision, I guess! 

But still, a baby jail might be nice every once in a while when Mommy needs a break... 

Do you have a busy baby or toddler? Do you have a "safe place" where you can put them when you need a few minutes to yourself?


  1. Okay, you need to tell me where you found that second one... what a cute baby "jail"!!!

    And I can so relate. Isaac really needs a place like that that isn't "bed" (his playard). He is into EVERYTHING. Does Jaxon like to get into things then look back at you and grunt to be sure you see he's doing it? Isaac totally does that - he is a mischevious little guy. Reminds me of Ramona the pest. lol

  2. I found both of those on Amazon. Funny thing - if you type in baby jail, it's the first one that comes up! LOL. If it wasn't more than $100, I would have gotten it. Jaxon uses his playard as his bed at night, too...and it's really too small to be a true "playard" so I don't like to stick him in it unless I really need a minute where I can not worry about what he's doing. And yes, he looks at us when he's going after the plugs, especially. I think he likes to see how many times the two of us will tell him "no" before one of us gets up and comes to get him. He NEVER stops what he's doing when we say no. I'm fairly positive he knows what it means, but he just doesn't care. As a side note, I've had to stop writing this response to you four times to keep him from tearing up books, pulling out the kids school papers, and getting into Christmas presents. He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.