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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Brezza

I had a great review to post for you guys on my Baby Brezza baby food maker. I was just needing to take some pictures next time I made baby food to add to the post. But then yesterday, I was making some food for Jaxon and it just died after only 5 months of use! I washed it out and tried again and it started to work, but then it died again. The blade does not seem to want to turn. It sucks, because up until this point, it's been great. It steamed food perfectly and blended it to a consistency that Jaxon will eat (he is very particular about texture). I hate that it stopped working. Needless to say, I won't be posting a review to recommend the Baby Brezza to you!  

Thankfully, we bought it on Amazon, so we were able to send it back. However, for some reason, we can only get a credit, not a replacement. I think this may be due to the number of returns Amazon has had recently. When I was reading the reviews today, I noticed that the majority of the comments that said they were having problems were left within the last month.  

So...I can steam food in the microwave, but I'm going to need a new way to blend the food. I'm looking for recommendations of other baby food makers or mini food processors. Obviously, I'd love something that steams and blends the food for me, but I'm willing to just go with a good option for blending and steam the food myself. If you make homemade baby food, what do you use to make your baby's food?

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