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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random Ramblings

I've been sick since last Friday with a sore throat/cough/cold type thing. While I have a high pain tolerance, simple colds seem to knock me out physically. I end up spending lots of time laying around trying to get better. I'm not in pain, just a little sore throat. But I'm exhausted and feeling very run down. I even stayed home from church on Sunday (that never happens) to get some extra rest. 

I've managed to stay caught up on laundry, but cleaning doesn't really happen when I'm sick. My husband is great to keep the dishes done, the kitchen counters clean, and the toys picked up. But our bathrooms and floors are pretty dirty right now. I've been sweeping (or having the kids do it) but it just doesn't substitute for vacuuming and mopping. With a crawling baby on the floor, I can't pretend my floors are clean when they're not: Jaxon's knees tell the truth. So I've been dressing him in dark clothes this week, so I don't have to see the dirt on his knees. Isn't that terrible?

But the only thing worse than Mommy being sick would be kids being sick. Aside from the girls having runny noses earlier in the week, no one else has gotten sick. I'm very grateful for that.

I'm excited for Christmas "vacation" since it means we won't have to do schoolwork for 2 weeks! I think I look forward to breaks from school as much as the kids do, if not more! Only 6 more days! 

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  1. LOL, I laughed so hard about you dressing your Jaxon in dark clothes to hide the dirt. I love it! I have a 10-month old crawler, so I know all too well how much dirt and dust they can accumulate on their person, even when you think the floor is clean too! I have hardwood floors, my son becomes a human mop.

    I hope you feel better soon, being a mom while sick is the worst!