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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Start of Something Wonderful?

Yesterday, Jaxon took a two hour nap at a normal time (1:15-3:15). That's unheard of for him. If I get him to take an afternoon nap, it's usually later in the afternoon and never for 2 hours. So this was great. More importantly, he woke up in a fabulous mood. Then, to make things even better, he went to sleep last night at a decent time (around 8, maybe?). I wasn't paying a lot of attention, but I wish I had taken better notes on exactly when he fell asleep. I was able to lay him down in his crib (that's a big win, too). While he woke up a little later, around 9:30 or so (normal for him), he immediately nursed and went back to sleep (not normal). In the past, when he has fallen asleep around 8, he is back up around 9 and up until 11 or later. I was able to lay him back down in his Pack 'N Play in our room, where he slept for several hours before I had to bring him into bed with us. It was really nice.

Then, this morning, around 10:30, he wanted to nurse. He went right to sleep, let me lay him in his crib, and then he slept for almost 2 hours! He also took another nap this afternoon (though that one was in the car, so I don't rank it as high). 

I am so happy that he is napping and sleeping better. It's also been so great to be able to lay him down while he naps. It's nice to be able to get a few things done while he sleeps! He also seems to sleep better when I lay him down and he's less likely to get woken up by his siblings. It's only been two days, but I truly hope that this is the start of something wonderful! 


  1. Yay for SLEEP! Of course it's the beginning of better sleep for you (and him) - it can only get better as time goes on. I keep telling myself these sleepless nights can't last forever! Isaac has actually been doing better, too. I try not to let him nap during the day too much though, lol. I want him to sleep at night.

    1. Jaxon actually seems to sleep better at night when he's taken 1-2 good naps. So far, he's been taking at least 1 nap each day, sometimes two, and every night, he's been in bed by 8:45. He's waking once between the time he goes to bed and midnight/1. Then he usually ends up in bed with us and that's where it gets tricky. Last night he went to bed well, but he woke up a lot, but this morning I discovered two more teeth about to break through, so I think that might have been the source of his discomfort. Poor little guy. Teething looks really painful!