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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barn! Barn! Barn!

Our new house has a barn behind it. 

A big, old, red barn.

It sits just across the driveway, and the kids LOVE it. I don't think I can express how much the kids love it. I always thought the kids would like a playhouse in the backyard or maybe a treehouse or some sort of fort. The barn is all of those things and more. 

For the last week, all we have heard is things like this:

"Let's play in the barn!"
"When we get to the new house, can we play in the barn?" 
"Can you show us how to get up the ladder in the barn?"
"We promise we won't get dirty if you let us play in the barn."
"The barn is awesome!"
"I can climb the ladder to the loft in the barn!"
"I'm not scared to climb down the ladder in the barn."
"We're going to make/build/play <insert idea here> in the barn!"

Barn! Barn! Barn! Over and over and over again for a week.

And then, suddenly there was a younger voice calling out "Bar! Bar! Bar!" Jaxon was pointing with his little baby finger every time he looked out the back window of the house. "Bar! Bar! Bar!" I didn't realize what he was saying, but Jason said "He's saying barn!" We took him outside and that little finger went crazy, pointing all over the place while he yelled out "Bar! Bar! Bar!"

I don't think he knew what the barn was. I think he just knew that there was something very cool out there that his siblings were extremely excited about and he was repeating the word he'd heard more than any other word this week. It was very cute. Jason took him on a walk through the barn yesterday so he could associate his new word with an actual object.  

If you want to thrill your kids, get a barn. I think ours like this barn better than anything we got them for Christmas.


  1. That is awesome! Do you have the book Big Red Barn? It is one of our favorites and we read it all the time! It's by Margaret Wise Brown

    1. I think we do have that book somewhere! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to find it and read it to Jaxon.