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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Self Feeding (And How Mabu Can Help)

Jaxon has always had an independent streak in him. Lately, it's been manifesting itself more and more. This week, it showed itself during meal time. He's been feeding himself finger foods for several months. Cheerios, pieces of fruit, cheese, and chicken, green beans, and peas have all been great finger foods for him. When we do baby food, we usually do organic baby food pouches, which I've started letting him hold himself. He loves that. But sometimes I make his food and sometimes we do things like yogurt that I have to feed him. This week, he wanted to do it himself. 

As you can imagine (and probably see from the pictures), he made a huge mess. 

Thankfully, Mabu sent me some of their fabulous multi-cloths when they sent me their diapers to try. The Mabu multi cloths made it easy to clean up everything, even the baby! They are nice and thick so they can tackle tough jobs easily. They are also extremely absorbent, which works well for wet messes like this one, and they are super soft, making them perfect for wiping little hands and faces. Note: they are very stiff when you first open them - that's just from a vegetable starch stiffener put on them for packaging. After you wash them, they will shrink a little and fluff up!

Bottom: stiff unwashed cloth, top washed/fluffed cloth
I have been using them for several weeks now and each time I use them I love them more. Since they are color coded, you can be sure you aren't wiping the counters and the baby's face with the same cloth. 

Previously, I was using some basic dishcloths that I thought were fine for my counters and dishes. I did notice that they would start smelling bad very quickly and I was going through 3-4 per day, plus several baby washcloths for Jaxon's face and hands. I wipe my counters down several times per day, and I wipe the table down after every meal. I'm also cleaning Jaxon's high chair after each meal. The Mabu multi cloths rinse 99.9% bacteria free, so I can use two all day long (one for faces, one for everything else). I have sniffed mine after a long day of washing babies and counters and they still smell clean. I appreciate that!

They are made from 100% natural wood fibers, and have a neat open weave, 8 layered design that makes them great for scrubbing. With the Mabu Big Multi cloth, you can do all kinds of things including washing the car or cleaning outdoor furniture. They resist staining and all of mine still look brand new.  

Bottom: Mabu Big Multi Cloth
Top: Mabu Multi Cloth

Mabu multi cloths are sold in the US under the name Duzi as well. I received both Mabu and Duzi and I can testify that they are identical. You can purchase these cloths from Amazon. Since Duzi is the brand sold in the US, they are cheaper on Amazon, but I assure you they are exactly the same!
Mabu also sent me two Odor Gators. This is a little clip on patch that naturally eliminates odors by breaking them down into salt and water. It doesn't look like much, but I put one in the diaper pail and it has really helped the smell. It's not completely gone, but it no longer knocks me over when I open it. I put the other in the closet where we keep our trash can. Yep, our trash can has to be in a closet to keep Jaxon from licking the trash can, knocking over the trash can, or reaching in and grabbing things from the trash can to eat. Anyway, so it's in this tiny closet in our kitchen, and since we put the trash can in there, that closet had started smelling. The Odor Gator has helped to eliminate the stink. The Odor Gator can be refreshed by placing it in sunlight or by wiping it down. It's not on the market yet, but hopefully it will be soon. You'll love it!

Oh, and in case you want to see more of Jaxon feeding himself, I also took a video...

I received products from Mabu for review. All opinions are my own. 

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