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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review & Giveaway

When I first heard that Wal-Mart was going to be selling modern cloth diapers, I was intrigued. I contacted the company, Mabu Baby, about doing a review and they immediately replied and sent me a great package full of products (I'll be reviewing the non-diaper products in a subsequent post). I received a Mabu Baby starter kit which includes 2 diaper covers with pad holders, 2 washable inserts, 2 disposable inserts, and 5 liners. I also received an extra pack of disposable inserts and an extra pack of liners.  

My first impression when opening the starter kit was that the washable insert is extremely soft. Initially, I thought was that the system seemed a little complicated, at least compared to my other diapers. However, the kit includes very clear instructions that shows how to easily put the diapers together. So make sure you look for the instructions when opening the kit! Once I put the diapers together the first time, it was easy after that. 

This is the diaper cover. It has soft hook and loop tabs. The hook and loop tabs are extremely soft and do not irritate Jaxon's stomach the way most other hook and loop diapers do. It is lined with Ecowix fabric, which is made from natural white bamboo charcoal and recycled polyester. It's a moisture wicking fabric that keeps baby's skin dry. It also helps break down odor. 
This is the diaper pad holder. It snaps into the cover. The cover and diaper pad holder are both made of recycled plastic bottles. 
The snaps are tiny, but easy to use.
 This is the diaper cover with the diaper pad holder snapped in.
This is the disposable pad. I don't really know how to describe it other than it reminds me of those giant pads they give you at the hospital after you have a baby. 
Then the diaper pad lays inside the diaper pad holder. 
This is the reusable insert. It is terrycloth topped with the Ecowix fabric. It has a fold in half design that allows it to be absorbent while still allowing it to dry quickly. In the dryer, the pad and cover will be dry in a matter of minutes. I hang everything to dry and mine were dry within 3-4 hours. The insert has remained soft after washing and any stains have easily sunned out.  
Terrycloth side
Ecowix side
 Folded in half
Reusable pad inside cover
It's not necessary to unsnap the holder from the cover when washing (this makes it easier to use after washing. The hook and loop tabs did not stay fastened when washing, but I have only used one brand of diapers whose laundry tabs actually worked. If you go ahead and put the diapers together straight out of the wash, including the pad, these diapers are as easy as a disposable to put on. 

The sizing is supposed to be similar to disposable diaper sizing making it easy to find your baby's size if you are switching from disposables. Since we never use disposables, I cannot attest to this. However, Jaxon is 20 lbs, and the size 2 that I was sent is for babies 9-20 lbs. When I saw the sizing on the box, I was concerned since he is at the top of the weight range. Once I opened the box, I realized the sizing is generous. The size 2 fits him well and works great. Jaxon has a small waist, so the hook and loop tabs meet in the middle -crossover tabs would be helpful, especially for use on babies at the smaller end of the weight range. 

I tried it with both the disposable and the washable insert. Both worked well and there were no leaks, even after several hours. Jaxon likes to christen new diapers by pooping in them immediately (do other babies do this?), and this diaper was no exception. We tried the reusable insert first. I did have to change the entire diaper once he pooped - I was unable to reuse the diaper cover. I did use one of the diaper liners,  but it did not keep the poop from reaching the elastic around the legs of the diaper. I use liners on a fairly regular basis with other diapers and have a problem with liners shifting in most diapers. This could be user error on my part or could be due to the fact that Jaxon never stops moving and the liners end up shifting. 
Comfortable leg elastic - does not leave any red marks on chubby thighs

I was able to reuse the cover when we were using the disposable insert. The disposable insert fills the diaper out a little more and therefore seemed to keep the messy contents farther away from the diaper cover and pad holder. This was my first time to use a disposable insert. I must admit, they were strange to use after using only cloth for almost a year. However, I can certainly see where they would be useful especially when traveling. They seemed to absorb well and  Jaxon's bottom still felt dry even when the insert was wet. The disposable liners are flushable. The disposable inserts are not flushable, but they can be composted or you can just throw them in with your regular trash.  

You can find Mabu Baby diapers at some Wal-Mart locations. To find the Wal-Mart closest to you, click here. The diapers aren't sold at the Wal-Mart nearest me, but they are sold at one about 30 minutes away so when I was going to be in that area, I stopped by to check out the display. The starter kit retails for $29.94. 

You can get 4 additional pads in the size 1 for $9.94
I really liked these diapers. I reach for them often when we're at home, which is really saying something since I typically hate hook and loop diapers. They never leak! I don't use Mabu very much when we are out, but that's mainly because I like to show off my diapers so I take my cutest ones when we go places. I would love to see Mabu offer colors or prints, because I think that the cute factor is what attracts many people to cloth! I think the plain white is in keeping with the cost savings factor that Mabu's display promotes. When I use Mabu diapers, I prefer the reusable insert to the disposable insert, mainly because it's easier for me to just throw everything in the diaper pail as opposed to throwing part of the diaper away. I do like having some disposable inserts on hand. There have been times in the past when we were traveling that I wished we had disposable inserts. I usually don't think about it until we are packing, so I am glad I have an affordable option that can be easily purchased without having to order online and wait for it to arrive.

Despite the fact that I liked these diapers and they worked wonderfully, I felt like most people who use cloth now would not care for these diapers, which is sad because they are great diapers. They're not as cute as most of my other diapers. But, for a casual shopper at Wal-Mart who may not be aware of the modern cloth diapering world, I feel like they are a great gateway diaper. While they are a little complicated the first time you use them, it's really easy after that. If you stuff the inserts in the diaper ahead of time, they are as easy as disposables to put on. They work well, the price is reasonable, and they are easy to use and easy to care for.  

Would you like to try Mabu Baby Eco-diaper system for yourself? One reader will win a starter kit of their very own to try! Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below (click read more if you cannot see the form). 

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a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks to Mabu Baby for sending me their products for review. All opinions are my own!


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