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Friday, February 24, 2012

Jaxon at 12 Months

My very sweet, way too big boy. He's sooo big. This picture was taken at a friend's 3rd birthday party at Chik-fil-a. Jaxon joined in with the preschoolers like he was a big kid, eating his chicken nuggets and drinking from a juice box. He even played in the play area for the first time. He thought that was awesome! They gave him a stuffed cow to take home and we taught him that the cow says moo. All night long, we'd say "What does the cow say?" and he'd answer "mooooo" in this adorable little voice. So cute, but I think he got tired of performing for us. 

I took him to his 12 month appointment this week and he weighs 20 lbs 13 oz. He is 31 inches tall. We found out his iron levels are still low - actually, they are lower than at his 6 month appointment. He has to start taking iron drops daily. They are icky, and smell awful and they make his poop really awful! But I'm going to have to be diligent about them. 
He gets into the cabinets everywhere, even at the doctor's office.
He is walking all the time now. I finally went and bought him a pair of shoes the other day so that he could walk around outside without hurting his feet and he's loving being able to do that. He loves walking around like his siblings. He thinks he's big stuff.
Birthday lunch! We gave him his own plate for the first time.
He loves having what the other kids have. 
He loves feeding himself, so every meal time is a massive mess that requires a change of clothes and the washing of the high chair cover. I'm really liking eating out right now, lol. He is still nursing often, in spite of his love for food, though I've noticed him slacking off on daytime nursing. He will go 4 hours between sessions during the day, unless he gets hurt or mad or otherwise upset...milk fixes everything! 

I took him to Wal-Mart last night and he pointed to the ceiling and repeatedly said "up", so that's a new word for him. I love his little pointing finger. He uses it now to show us what he wants. He will also hold it up as a "1" when you mention his birthday or ask him if he's 1. He also will point to his hair if you ask him where his hair is. He can also point to his pee-pee. We've made no effort to teach him those things. Apparently we just talk about his hair and his pee-pee that much.

The worst thing about entering toddler hood are the tantrums. He started them about 3 weeks before his birthday and now he has at least one a day. He throws himself down on the floor and kicks. He's also learned that pulling my hair hurts me and so if he's in a position where he can't throw a tantrum, he grabs my hair and pulls. If I still don't give him what he wants, he pulls harder. He's also very, very strong, and very focused...when he decides to fight me on a diaper change, they end up taking 10 minutes. 

Even though Jaxon's a little bit wild sometimes, he's so much fun. He's also very loving, giving us sweet kisses and hugs all the time. He's my sweet little guy and I can't wait to see what all he does to amaze me next month!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! :) And I am sooo there with the tantrums, Isaac has done the same thing! I've found it's very effective if I turn him to look at me, say "NO" firmly and then put him down after hair-pulling or hitting. Usually he'll start throwing a tantrum over that and I tell him no again and put him in his crib in his room for some quiet time. He's been much better lately, many more smiles and he calms down faster. Whew! lol I was getting really frustrated with his little attitude. He may only be 1 but he's a strong little dude.

    Same here with the kisses and loving, too. :) I love having a little boy!

    (I'm going to have to teach him the animal sounds now, that is soooo cute that Jaxon is doing that!)

    1. Obviously I didn't blog about this, but the other day I did EXACTLY what you described. LOL. Great minds think alike, right? I only did it once, though, since because we've been in the car so much going back and forth with moving. But I was happy when I read this - I'm glad you are having success. I will have to start trying to be more diligent with that once we get settled in at the new house because I know just what you mean about attitude - I feel like I have to get it in check before it gets worse!