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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Baby

My sister-in-law gave birth this morning to a sweet baby boy! Little Malachi was 6 weeks early but still managed to weigh 6 lbs 6 oz. He's absolutely beautiful! He's in the NICU right now because his lungs are underdeveloped, but he's doing well so far. We were able to go in and see him today. I forgot to bring my phone in so I have no pictures to share, but he's got a headful of dark hair and a sweet little face! Only the mom and dad can touch the baby while he's in the NICU and let me tell you, it was so hard to keep from touching him. He was so pitiful with all those tubes and wires and he looked so little and alone. Please pray that his lung function will improve so that he can go home soon! 

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