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Friday, January 6, 2012

Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Review

8 1/2 months old in his Applecheeks size 2 St. Lucia
I love Applecheeks cloth diapers. There are so many great things about them that I hope I can cover it all in one blog post!

Applecheeks have a unique design and several features not found on other cloth diapers. It is a pocket diaper that can also be used as an AI2. The pocket for the insert is in the middle of the diaper. When you think about removing the insert, this sounds a little gross. However, the design is such that the insert agitates out in the wash. No need to touch a dirty insert to remove it!

To use Applecheeks as an AI2, you can lay the insert in the envelope cover instead of stuffing the insert in the pocket. To use it as a pocket, just fold the insert in thirds and stuff it into the wide pocket opening. Using the diaper as a pocket diaper will also allow your baby to have stay dry microfleece against his skin.

The Applecheeks insert is made of rayon from bamboo. Bamboo contains natural antimicrobial properties, making it the perfect choice for cloth diapers! It's also soft, washes well, and does not retain any stink like microfiber can. The insert is two layers, and is approximately 12 inches x 15 inches. Folded into thirds and placed inside the diaper, it's like having six layers to absorb wetness. This insert is extremely absorbent...I cannot stress this enough. I have never had a leak with this diaper. Even when I remove the insert after several hours of wear, it always feels like it can absorb more. My only issue with the insert is a cosmetic one. Like many natural fibers, stains seem to set in more quickly with this insert. Sunning will get the stains out, but it's sometimes hard for me to catch sun during the winter.
My absolute favorite feature of the Applecheeks diaper is the elastic in the front. I love love love this feature! I have a tummy sleeper and this can often lead to leaks in the front when the diaper does not fit snugly against his stomach. I've also found that Applecheeks elastic helps guard against all types of leaks all the way around the diaper. Jaxon had his largest, messiest diaper to date while wearing an Applecheeks and there were no leaks at all. I won't post the picture here (yes, I took one to send to my husband, whose response was "Wow, he lost weight with that one"), but trust me when I say that the mess would have been everywhere had Jaxon been wearing a disposable diaper. Though the elastic works wonders, it never leaks marks on Jaxon's thighs, tummy, or back.
10 months
2 1/2 months
Another great thing about the elastic is that it's great for squirmy baby changes. When Jaxon just won't stay still, I reach for an Applecheeks, snap it to the setting he's on, and pull it on him like underwear. Most cloth diapers are not made in a way that would allow this as an option. I also love that I can snap the diaper loser at his legs (which are a little chubby) and tighter at his waist (which is small) without the diaper fitting in a weird way. Some of our diapers do not fit right or look strange unless you match the snaps up. That may not bother some people, but I'm a perfectionist and want things to look right. 
Applecheeks is a sized system, with size 1 fitting from approximately 7-20 lbs, and size 2 fitting from 18-40 lbs. If you want to use this system from birth to potty training, you'll need to purchase two sets of diapers. For comparison, here's an Applecheeks size 2, with an Applecheeks size 1, both snapped to the smallest settings. 
Here they are both unsnapped to the largest settings:
And a view from the top at the largest settings.
As for fit, Jaxon was able to wear Applecheeks from birth (8lbs13oz) and outgrew his size 1 at about 8 months (around 18 lbs). His size 2 fits him wonderfully right now at 10 1/2 months & 20 lbs and we have lots of room for growth. Even when Jaxon had skinny little newborn thighs, Applecheeks fit perfectly and did not leak. While not officially a "newborn" diaper, I highly recommend these for larger newborns. Unlike standard newborn diapers that only go to 11-12 lbs, your baby will not outgrow these at 3 weeks of age. 
10 days old in his Applecheeks Size 1 in Dark Chocolate
Applecheeks come in beautiful colors and two adorable, exclusive prints. They are made in Canada and are available for purchase at Kelly's Closet for $27.80 per Little Bundle, which includes an envelope cover and insert. While that is on the high end for a cloth diaper, your money will be well spent. One thing I have learned about cloth diapers is that you get what you pay for! These diapers will not let you down!

I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. This is a great review - thank you for sharing your experiences with this brand! :)

  2. What a great, detailed review! Don't be surprised if baby thins out as he grows older and fits back into a size 1. This happened at our house.