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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jaxon at 11 Months!

He already looks older than 10 months
I can't believe that Jaxon is already 11 months old. My baby boy is growing so fast. Every day he seems a little bigger. Every day he develops more skills.

While he's not officially walking, he can take steps. He will let go the table and take a step to the couch. We can also stand him up and he will walk to us, but no more than 3 steps. What is truly amazing is his balance. He can stand for several minutes at a time and even squat down and then straighten back up without falling. He has also learned to dance without holding onto anything. It's ridiculously cute. He has a fondness for our Leap Frog learning table that sings this jazzy 1-2-3 song, and for Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe." 

He is still into everything. After our little scare last week, I've tried to not leave him alone unless he's contained in a crib, which he hates. He can now climb on our fireplace, too. He still has an odd fondness for our vacuum cleaner. It's the one household chore I can do without worrying about what Jaxon is getting into. He follows the vacuum all over the house and stays right with me. He loves to just sit with it and touch it when it's off. It's so funny. He says a word that sounds like "vac" for it. He loves to pretend to "vac" with his toy vacuum. 
He also loves to "help" with laundry
It's reaching the point where we have to tell him no a lot. We try to divert, but he's constantly into things like plugs and wires that are just dangerous. He has mixed reactions to being told no. Sometimes he ignores us. Sometimes he laughs at us. Sometimes his lower lip trembles or he bursts into tears. It's really pitiful and makes me feel bad I told him no! But there's no reason to why he'll cry one time and just grin the next. 

He loves to take baths and I blow bubbles for him in the tub. He could already say "bubble" but since I always say "pop pop pop" when he pops a bubble, he's started saying "pop pop pop" whenever I say "bubble." So cute. 

Jason actually had a little "conversation" with him this week. Jaxon doesn't like apples but says apple whenever we look at a book that has an apple in it. I had been looking through an "A" book with Jaxon that had a picture of an apple and so he was babbling "apple, apple" as Jason carried him to the car. Jason said "Do you like apples?" to which Jaxon replied "Uh-uh." Jason said "What do you like?" And Jaxon said "Bob." To him, "Bob" means "boob" so we thought that was an appropriate answer! For the record, I always ask if Jaxon is hungry, wants milk, or wants to eat. I've never said "Do you want a boob?" so I think the similarity between "Bob" and "boob" is a coincidence. "Bob" is just a word he has associated with drinking milk. B words seem to be especially easy for him to say. And since he will call out for "Bob" in various places, like Wal-Mart, I'm glad that he's saying "Bob" and not "boob"!

Speaking of nursing, he's still going strong. He also bit me for the first time the other day...not hard, he was almost testing out his new teeth. When he did it, I yelped, and he laughed. He now has 4 teeth, two on top, two on bottom and they are extremely sharp!  
Gnawing on a fruit rope & loving it
I introduced him to Cheerios this week and he loved them. Jason gave him a Clif Kids Z fruit rope today and he LOVED it. He was happily gnawing all over that thing.

Look at that sweet smile! I love that boy and I cannot believe that my sweet baby will be a year old next month!


  1. Such a cutie! I already have a 1-year post to write... waaaah! Walking will come verrry soon now, and it's the cutest thing watching how proud they are when they first start walking! Oh and the teeth/nursing thing. Good luck with that, Isaac is still leaving wounds on me with his teeth... ugh! I'm seriously thinking about weaning but he really wants to nurse still and is a really picky eater. *sigh*

    1. It's scary how fast the time goes by! Yes, when Jaxon takes a step here and there, he always looks at us like "Look what I just did!"

      And ouch at the wounds! Thankfully, Jaxon has only done it for "fun." He laughs when he does it, but he also does it kind of lightly, like he knows it's going to hurt and just wants a reaction, not to really cause pain. He hasn't left any marks...yet. Maybe I should be more concerned that he knows it's going to hurt, is doing it anyway, and is laughing about it. LOL. He's definitely mischievous.

  2. thank you for stopping by my blog - in regards to Apologia Swim Creatures Shaky - This was out 1st year using this curriculum. I started with this one because I knew it would interest my son. I already bought next year's curriculum - Flying Creatures and plan on using it for my oldest who will be in 2nd grade and with my 5 year old who will start kindgarten. :)