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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jaxon's First Cold

Jaxon has his first cold. He's been a snotty mess! We took him to the doctor yesterday just to be sure he didn't have an ear infection, since he's been running a low grade fever off and on and has pulled on his ears several times.

Jaxon was not thrilled with it. He was looking at a little nervous while we waited in the waiting room. He's checking out all the other sick kids in this picture - talk about a germ infestation (there were 6 other kids in the waiting room). I saw one mom put her hand over her child's mouth when he coughed...but then she never washed or sanitized her hands before she touched the toys, chairs, pens, and doorknobs in the waiting room...but I digress. 
Once we made it back to a room, Jaxon was a little more comfortable. He might just like being half naked. 
He weighed in at 20 lbs even, confirming my suspicions that he's lost weight while he's had this cold (he was 19 lbs, 8 oz at his 9 month appointment, but hasn't been eating well this week).  

When the doctor came in, the smiles left. Jaxon was very upset by her. He cried while she examined him and kept giving me this betrayed look. It was very sad. The doctor said his ears are absolutely perfect, his tonsils are small, and that everything looked great. She said the cold should clear up in a couple of days.  

This was his first cold. He had one other "mystery" illness a few months ago (fever, but no other symptoms at all). Other than that, he has been well for his first year. I'm very pleased with that! My first two had lots of minor illnesses their first year, so it's nice not to be at the doctor every month with an ear infection or stomach virus! I think being able to stay home with Jaxon has probably kept him well. My first two were in daycare and were exposed to more illnesses early on. Staying home has also allowed me to breastfeed him longer, which likely helped as well. 

How old was your baby when he/she had his/her first cold? 
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