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Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby Finger Foods

Jaxon loves to feed himself. He will try almost anything he can lift to his mouth, but he does best with things that are not mushy. He is very texture sensitive. For example, though he loves bananas, mangoes, and avocados, he only likes to eat them pureed. He does not like it when I give him pieces of them to pick up and he does not eat them when I just mash them with a spoon. 

He likes some of the Gerber snacks: Little Crunchies (they are like baby cheese puffs without the disgusting orange coloring!) and Fruit & Veggie Melts in the tropical flavor. He used to like the Gerber puffs, but I think he has decided he doesn't like them anymore because he just dumps them on the floor now. He also likes animal crackers. I keep the Little Crunchies and the animal crackers in the diaper bag, because they are very convenient snacks to have on hand. 

At home, he loves to eat: 
cheese  (small cubes)
black beans  
green beans
peas (he likes these cold! I just run some cold water over the frozen peas so they're not too hard! Great for teething babies!) 
cooked carrots
cooked pasta
grapes (peeled and quartered)

With my baby food maker being broken right now (still waiting on a credit to come from Amazon so I can replace it), I can't make him pureed versions of his favorite foods and I feel like I'm running out of things to serve him.  

What finger foods do you serve your baby or toddler? 


  1. Wow, he likes a lot of foods! Isaac is soooo picky right now, he will only eat baby cereal, gerber puffs, mum-mum crackers (so expensive, ugh), and SOMETIMES mashed potatoes or what we're eating. But as far as making him finger foods... I offer him things and sometimes he eats it and sometimes he doesn't. He went through stages where he really liked bananas and graham crackers but now he's just tossing them as soon as I give him some (with a grin, I might add).

  2. We do almost everything you've posted and also... baby lima beans (w/o skin and slightly smushed), beans and rice together, Happy Baby Organics veggie puffs, and ground beef with tomato sauce. Our 10mo HATES purees, so everything is finger food. We've also given her big hunks of fruit, like giant mango slices or a whole peach, while she's teething, and she'll gnaw away without any worry of choking.