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Saturday, February 19, 2011

39 Week Update

We went for my 39 week appointment on Wednesday, 2/16. Since we all had concerns about the baby being big, and since my body was doing nothing to prepare for delivery, the doctor decided to do an ultrasound to see how big the baby was. I was very happy and had planned to ask for one. I had been doubting my resolve to go to 40 weeks because the baby has just been feeling so big inside me. The sentimental side of me still wanted to go into labor on my own, but the practical side of me knew the experience would be terrible if the baby was too big. The ultrasound tech estimated the baby at 9 lbs 6 oz. I immediately wanted to get him out! That size scared me!  

After the ultrasound, we went to meet with the doctor again and discuss our options. Since my cervix was not ripe at all, the doctor said there was no way to do an induction the next morning. He gave the following options:
  1. Wait through the weekend and see if the cervix condition would change by Monday.
  2. Schedule a c-section (for as early as the next morning)
  3.  Come in that night for the cervix softening tablet and try for an induction on Thursday morning. 

We immediately ruled out option 1 - we thought waiting would only allow the baby to get larger and could possibly make the c-section my only option. I really did not want a c-section. So we decided on option 3. If the cervix softening tablets didn’t work that night, the doctor said we could still opt for the c-section on Thursday morning or we could go home and come back Thursday night and try the cervix softening tablets again.

So we left the doctor’s office, grabbed some lunch and headed home. Since we didn’t even have our hospital bags fully packed and since I was working that day, the next few hours were a little crazy as we both scrambled to pack bags and handle other last minute items. Jason lined up care for our other three kids (thankfully his mom was available) and charged the video camera. I did some laundry and wrapped up a few work assignments and then let my boss know what was happening so he could divide the rest of my work between my coworkers.

We dropped the kids off at Jason’s mom’s house and headed to the hospital. 

To be continued…

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