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Saturday, February 19, 2011


We arrived at the hospital around 4:45 (see my previous post for why). I was quickly admitted to a room and had an IV started. I was also hooked up to the fetal monitor and the monitor that measures contractions. The doctor came and inserted the cervical softening tablet at 6. I wasn’t allowed to eat, use the bathroom or even get up for a couple of hours after that. Around 8, we ate some supper, and then at 10, I had another tablet inserted and was given an Ambien to help me sleep (that did not work!). I really don’t know how anyone can ever sleep well in a hospital! There are too many interruptions. At 2, I had my third tablet inserted.

Around 5 am, my nurse said I was soft enough to start Pitocin at 6 and she started it at 6 on the dot. I was glad she did that. I really wanted my doctor to deliver the baby, not one of the other doctors in the practice. And he had a personal commitment that he had to leave for by 1. My nurse (who was so very sweet) knew that, so she got my Pitocin started as soon as possible. The contractions started quickly but I couldn’t feel them – I was only seeing them on the monitor. The doctor came in to break my water at 7:30. I was at 1 ½ cm at 7:45. My contractions started picking up after my water broke and the nurse was steadily easing the Pitocin upward. I started feeling the contractions. I had been wondering what a contraction felt like…I don’t have to wonder anymore! Some of them were pretty intense! And they were coming every 1-2 minutes so there were only very small rests between the pains.

At 8:40 I was only at 3 ½ cm. I was happy when I found out I could have an epidural whenever I wanted it.
At 9:40, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. It was the same guy who gave me my previous epidurals (and amazingly, he recognized me). As before, he gave me a perfect epidural –just a few minutes later the pain was easing off and within 15 minutes I was pain free. At 10:00 my nurse checked me and I was at 5. By 10:28, I was at 8! But my doctor was in surgery at that point…and so my nurse didn’t check me again for a little while, even though we both thought I was probably at 10.

Around 11:30, my nurse checked me and I was at 10 and at 11:57, she called for the doctor, who was now finished with surgery. He headed up and I started pushing a little bit after 12. I pushed about 4 times. Since the epidural was still on (and working wonderfully), I wasn’t feeling anything. While waiting between contractions for the doctor to tell me when to push again, I coughed. My doctor immediately said “Do that again.” I did, and he said “And again.” I coughed several times and then out popped the baby! Later, Jason told me that while I was making progress pushing, the coughing was much more productive.

Jaxon arrived at 12:22 on February 17th weighing 8 lbs 13 oz (the exact same amount as his big brother!). He was 20 ¾ inches long (my shortest baby!). His head measured 14 ½ in., which caused some damage. I had 3rd degree tearing. Jaxon came out covered in vernix – he didn’t appear to be ready to come out on his own. But had we left him in there longer, I have no doubt that he would have weighed well over 9 lbs. That would have either resulted in a c-section or significantly more damage to me. I am glad we went ahead with the induction and I’m so glad to have my sweet boy in my arms!

Before his bath - still has some vernix.
He didn't care for the eye goo they gave him.

Already a mama's boy

Brand new and very alert! Already turning his head to mommy and daddy's voices! And check out the size of those hands!

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  1. Congrats Mommy! He is so adorable! Babies are a Blessing from God!