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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jaxon Meets His Siblings

When he was inside me, Jaxon would often get worked up when the kids were around. I always said he was either very excited or very terrified by them.

My mother-in-law brought the kids to meet Jaxon around 5:30. We heard them coming down the hallway of the hospital long before they actually reached the room. They came in and all ran to the side of the bed. Britain asked me if I was okay. The girls were going on and on about how cute the baby is and could they hold him. I turned Jaxon to face the kids and said “Jaxon, meet your brother and sisters.” He took one look at them and started crying. It was pitiful and hilarious at the same time.

Despite Jaxon’s reaction, the kids were crazy about him. He must have received hundreds of kisses during the hour and a half that they were there.

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