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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After 24 hours in the hospital, Jaxon had still not pooped. He had peed on the nurse when he was first born, but had not peed since that time. While he was nursing wonderfully, and I was sure that he was getting colostrum, I knew how important that first bowel movement was. I started supplementing with some formula from the hospital to try to help him along. Jaxon finally produced a soaking wet pee diaper, but the poop was still not coming. Finally, after more than 36 hours, he produced what is known as a meconium plug. I had never heard of this before.

The doctor told us that in some cases a meconium plug can present when a baby has cystic fibrosis. Since CF is part of the newborn screening, he told us to be sure and ask the pediatrician about it at our first visit. *Update-  we did this when we went for our first bilirubin check and we were told the newborn screen was not back so we will have to wait for the 4 week visit to get this information.*

Jaxon’s jaundice levels were higher than what they like them to be (12.4), most likely because of the meconium plug and delayed pooping. He was placed under the lights at the hospital, complete with baby protective eyewear, which he hated. He cried almost the entire time he was under the lights. I hated it. I got out of bed and sat beside him (not an easy task with my stitches and pain). Jason and I took turns holding his hand and rubbing his head to comfort him. I was so glad when they came in and said that the doctor had decided to just go ahead and release him with a light to take home. 

We were sent home with a “glow bed” and instructions to keep him on it at all times unless we were feeding, changing, or comforting him. Not fun at all! But sooo much better than the lights he had been laying under at the hospital. With the glow bed, he didn’t have to wear the eyewear, and he could be covered up, which seemed to make him feel more secure.

Jaxon on his glow bed

The home health nurse came on Sunday to check his levels – up to 13.4. On Monday, we went to our pediatrician for a bilirubin check. His levels were down to 12.5. On Tuesday we went back for another check, but saw a different pediatrician in the practice who said that since the levels were dropping and he was gaining weight, there was no reason to stick his little heel again. She also told us we could discontinue use of the light! Yay! I am very glad to have this behind us.  

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