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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Thoughts on Thursday & a Visit From the Fairy Hobmother!

I'm loving summer salads...doesn't this look delicious? The yellow peppers made this especially yummy for lunch today! I've had a salad for lunch every day this week, but this one was the best! I'm also enjoying the plums we picked up at the farmer's market on Tuesday!

I have mentioned before that we have chickens. Two of our chickens are now laying eggs. It's been great having fresh eggs and the kids enjoy the taste better than that of conventional eggs. I am always pushing Jaxon to eat eggs so he can get extra iron, so I love knowing that our eggs are the healthiest he could be eating. 

One thing I don't think I have mentioned is that in addition to our laying hens, we have "meat birds" - the chickens that are destined to become dinner. Jason has become quite adept at processing chickens (despite my initial doubt that he'd ever be able to kill anything). We haven't eaten any of our chickens ourselves yet, because our friends & family have been so eager to try them! My mother in law cooked one and said the taste and flavor of the chicken was great. She also said there was a lot of meat on the chicken, enough for 4 meals for her and my father-in-law.  

Some friends of ours recently bought a side of organic beef for their freezer, but then they found out their son is allergic to beef. They contacted us to see about getting several of our free range, organic chickens for him instead. This particular little boy has had a really hard time with his health and so I am happy that we could help them out. We're driving to meet them this afternoon, and that means a trip to Whole Foods, which I thought would be the highlight of my day today. 

But then I got a visit from The Fairy Hobmother! In case you haven't been introduced to The Fairy Hobmother, he travels around the blogosphere spreading light and joy. He does his job very well! He certainly brought some joy to me this morning when he sent me an Amazon gift card! I don't know about you, but I can always find something on Amazon I need! Thanks so much, Fairy Hobmother! I'm totally jealous of your fun job! 

Would you like a visit from The Fairy Hobmother? Comment on this post and he just might visit your blog!


  1. This is the first time I have heard of a beef allergy...the parents of that little boy are fortunate you can help
    I have been hunting down the Fairy Hobmother! He can find me at www.marlieandme.com

    1. The beef allergy is very odd, isn't it? I've heard of it one time before, but it must be fairly rare.
      I hope the Fairy Hobmother visits you soon!

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  3. Wow this fairy hobmother sounds like a nice guy!! Happy shopping to you!

  4. Wow, I have never heard of the Fairy Hobmother, but he sounds great! I would love for him to visit my site sometime. :)