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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five Toys Every Toddler Loves

There are certain toys that seem to be a hit with all toddlers. These toys are timeless, don't require batteries, and can be handed down to younger siblings. The best of these toys offer multiple ways to play so that play doesn't become boring. 

  • Stacking & nesting cups or boxes - Jaxon has had so much fun with these! They stack and make an impressive tower and he loves to knock it over. They store compactly because they nest inside each other. This makes clean up a learning process, too. We have this set from Melissa & Doug because it's wooden and features animal pictures that provide additional learning activities, but I also like these nesting and stacking cups from Fisher-Price.  
  • Blocks. Over the years, we've accumulated several different types of blocks. These rainbow sound blocks have lasted us 8 years and are currently Jaxon's favorite. The beads shake around inside and make a glorious noise when whatever he's building crashes to the ground. 
  • Pounding bench. Toddlers love to bang on things, so this is a perfect fit. We love the Melissa & Doug Pound-a-Peg - you can read my full review here

  • A push toy. There are many great ones out there, depending on your priorities and budget. Though we loved the Melissa & Doug walker, we decided to skip the more traditional "learning to walk" walkers and went for the Push and Ride Racer from Little Tikes. He loves pushing it around and when he's tired of pushing, it's easy for him to climb on and off so he can ride it around. My oldest daughter also had one of these and I can vouch for the fact that like most things from Little Tikes, this toy will last a very long time.  

  • A bouncy ball. Readily available at any dollar store, a large bouncy ball provides opportunities for toddlers to learn to throw, roll, kick, and engage in reciprocal play with others.  

Does your toddler have a favorite toy? Is there anything you would add to this list?


  1. SO true! these classic toys never get old. Kids don't need a lot of bells and whistles for playtime.

  2. My guy does LOVE balls too ~ big or small - he can play forever!

    The top toy not our our list though are cars - or any vehicle with wheels really. He pushes them, lines them up, snackes them under things. I found him a train table from Craigslist and he LOVES! :)