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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jaxon's First Haircut

I'm not one of those people who rush to give babies their first haircut when they turn 1. That could be due to the fact that I like babies to stay babies or it could be due to the fact that my children have very little hair when they are 1. I had not planned to get Jaxon's hair cut anytime soon. However, he'd developed a few hairs that were significantly longer than other hairs and his hair was looking scraggly. He also had a single curl in the back that was looking more like a rat tail! My sister, Brooke, who cuts hair came for a visit this week and gave the big kids haircuts while she was here. Jaxon seemed receptive when I asked him about a haircut, so I put him on the stool to see how he would do.  
Getting the cape put on.
Holding his favorite broom - it's like a security blanket for him, I guess!
A spray bottle! He loved that!
He did pretty well at first...
But then he got squirmy, so I had to hold his head still. 
He did not like that!
Luckily, he was back to smiling pretty quickly!
That's my other sister, Caitlyn, in the background. Sometimes she stops texting long enough to talk to us ;-)
Showing him the clippers so they wouldn't freak him out...
He loved the clippers! 
Love that face!

He was so sick of sitting still after the haircut that I didn't get a good picture of how it looks now, but he looks adorable, and very little boy like (where did my baby go???)

How old was your child when they got their first haircut?

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