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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breast Milk Storage Bags: Not Just for Milk

Even though I wasn't going back to work after Jaxon was born, I still planned to pump some milk for him. I thought a bottle might be handy on occasion when nursing wasn't as feasible (trips in the car). I also thought I'd use the pumped milk to thin solids once I started making his baby food. Turns out, even with a great pump, I'm still a terrible pumper. I ended up with a couple of boxes of breast milk storage bags and it became clear that I wasn't going to use them for milk. 

Here are some other uses I've found for these bags:

- storing & freezing homemade baby food. It's so much easier to defrost homemade baby food when it's in a bag as opposed to a container. Just drop it in a bowl of hot water and it's ready to eat in a few minutes. Most baby foods pour right out of the bag, but thicker substances may require you to use a spoon to get it all out. 

- freezing other foods. My kids love marinara sauce with their pizza, but they never eat enough to justify opening an entire jar of sauce. Instead, I'll save the leftover sauce after we have spaghetti, put it in a bag, and freeze it. When it's time for pizza, I can just drop it in a bowl of hot water and by the time the pizza is done, the sauce is ready to eat.

- waterproof phone cover. I have to give credit to Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags for this one. Breastmilk storage bags are watertight, right? They keep the milk in so they can keep the water out. I tried this at the pool yesterday and it was great. I was able to check my phone without having to dry off. I was glad for the bag when a child redirected one of the fountains while I was texting Jason. She soaked me and the phone! Her mother was so apologetic but I told her it was no big deal since the phone was safely enclosed in the bag. I also snapped these pictures while the phone was in the bag.

Britain also did a flip off the high dive and I was able to get that on video to share!

All opinions are my own. Thanks to Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags for providing a sample. 


  1. That's fun! You just solved my splash Pad issues. Thanks!


  2. I received this message from Honeysuckle about their bags in response to my post: Well, you can copy our message from here if you wish. We very much appreciate the recommendations and the full story you have given in your wonderful blog, first of all! Second of all, our little HoneySuckle Bags are great for so many uses--smaller portions of leftovers (single serving departments!), for camping, any water sports, power drinks, potpourri's that might have a strong scent, etc. They have become so successful that in late summer you will find one of our new items, a perfectly clear. degradable DFence bag, which is very much like our breastmilk bags, but specifically geared for all the people who need a LeakProof bag, without print...the sports people, the guys, the girls, the schools, the scientists, etc. By the way, I saw the show on Public Television last week on Parkinson's Disease. I personally have two friends with the condition and am amazed what they are overcoming! Sending you all the best and many prayers! Thank you.