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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not Really a Baby Anymore - Jaxon at 15 months

While he'll always be my baby, it often feels like Jaxon is anything but a baby at this point. He is talking more and more. He has begun consistently nodding his head yes and shaking his head no which had made communication easier. He has started displaying that independent, stubborn, "I can do it myself" attitude.

There is something about having multiple older siblings that either makes a toddler enjoy being babied or makes him strive to be able to do everything his older siblings can. I'm the oldest of 11 children and I've seen it both ways. I have siblings who were content to let the older kids do everything for them, and I have siblings who learned to walk at 7 months and were talking in sentences by 12 months. Jaxon is clearly the type that strives to do everything his older siblings can. He watches them and then mimics everything he sees them doing. 

He wants to do schoolwork like they do. He wants to feed the chickens like they do. He wants to ride a bike like they do and tries to get on their bikes. When the big kids start singing, he "sings" along, even though he's not using real words. He pays attention, too, pausing during the breaks in the songs and singing only when the other kids are singing. 

This baby is really good with a fork.
Every day it feels like he does something new. He picks up on things quickly and his memory is incredible. 

A few new notable/interesting/funny things:

He has discovered M & M's and loves them. He gets very excited when you ask him if he wants M & M's. 

He eats paper. And books. And other inedible objects, like crayons (side note: green crayons will stain your cloth diapers). While this isn't new, it's something I thought would pass as he learned to understand us more and yet it has not changed. We have to really watch him, but often find him like this: 
He's just hiding God's Word in his stomach
He loves throwing things away for me. I now have to check the garbage throughout the day since sometimes things he is supposed to put in the dirty clothes hamper end up in the garbage! 

He likes to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer or take it out of the dryer and put it in the basket. He also loves when I lift him up so he can be the one to press the buttons to start the washer & dryer.

He adores cleaning - mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping things off. He is actually really good with the mop and is a great little helper! 

He now takes his diaper off after he wets/poops in it. This is not part of being my great little helper since it often results in more work for me. 

He sits on the potty and pretends to use the bathroom. Then he takes toilet paper and wipes himself when he's done. 

He can point to most of his body parts when I ask him to.

He STILL does not sleep through the night. Ever. We consider ourselves lucky if he sleeps 3 hours at a time. 

He's super adorable and gives lots of kisses and hugs, which makes those sleepless nights bearable. This little guy makes me smile everyday. 

Sweet hugs for Mommy

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