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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bundle Borrow Review

My kids are constantly outgrowing their clothing. While I enjoy shopping for them, I tend to be frugal when it comes to kids clothing that I know will be quickly outgrown. So when I heard about The Bundle Borrow, I was instantly intrigued. The Bundle Borrow is a subscription based baby clothing rental service. They provide new and gently used clothing for your child on a monthly basis. When your child outgrows it or when you are ready for some fresh choices, you pack it all up, send it back and they send you a new bundle of clothing. 
Carter's romper
I am all for letting kids, especially babies, wear used clothing. They are in them for such a short period of time that they just don't have time to wear them out. We love hand me downs, but I don't seem to have any friends that have kids right above mine who can hand stuff down to us. When I first contacted The Bundle Borrow, I basically thought I'd get a box of hand me downs in Jaxon's size. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is so much more than that!

First of all, they don't just send you random pieces. Everything is coordinated and put into outfits so you don't end up with a random pair of plaid shorts with no shirts to match it. We received the "10 To Use Again" bundle with 10 outfits, but there are other bundle levels that include more outfits if you need them. Shipping is always free, both to you and back to the Bundle Borrow when you're done with your clothing.

Genuine Kids shirt with
Cherokee denim shorts
Once I was signed up, I filled out a style intake form that would be sent to my assigned stylist who would pick out Jaxon's outfits. This is where it is fun! I definitely have some clothing choices I trend towards. I pick up blues and greens before any other colors. I also love anything that makes me think "That would be perfect for the beach." No, we're not planning a beach trip, but beachy clothing just makes me happy, I guess. So I was thrilled to get to tell my stylist what I like. 

For those who may not be quite as picky as I am or who may not really know what their style is, there are some prompts on the form to help you. Don't care much about color, but definitely don't want your newborn wearing skulls? There is a place on the form that allows you to check whether it's okay to receive clothes with skulls, animal prints, rock and roll, and themes like Grandma, Uncle, Mommy, Daddy, etc. Got a favorite brand? You can mention that, too. If your child has a current favorite character, you can even tell them that. All stocked up on shorts, but in desperate need of shirts and onesies? You can even specify that. They have really thought of everything.

My intake form said I liked blues and greens (though I also checked that black clothing would be okay since Jaxon looks good in black). I told them we needed shorts and shirts, that I liked polo shirts, and that I loved ocean inspired/beach themed clothing. I also said that rock and roll themed clothing was okay and that my favorite brands were The Children's Place, Gymboree, and Carter's. My stylist contacted me to confirm my choices and ask a couple of clarifying questions, then she went off to pack my bundle. Here's what we received:

In that package, we received 10 shirts, 6 pairs of shorts (including 2 pairs of denim shorts that can be used with several of the shirts) and a sleeveless romper. I thought my stylist did a great job picking items that were my "style" - even my husband commented that several of the outfits looked like something I would pick myself. In fact, we actually own one of the shirts they sent, just in a smaller size that Jaxon had already outgrown. 

Jaxon has looked adorable in each of his Bundle Borrow outfits. He's been showing off some of his Bundle Borrow outfits in Wordless Wednesday posts,   but just in case you missed them, you can see them here and hereOne of the shirts didn't fit. While it was a size 18 months, it was a little snug and didn't look comfortable on him. However, we still had plenty of outfit options so I didn't feel like that was a big deal.
Carter's shirt & shorts - I love this outfit!
I was concerned that we'd stain the clothes and wasn't sure what would happen at that point. No worries - The Bundle Borrow wants you to enjoy your baby and not worry about things like that. There's no fee or problem if something is stained. But if you send the bundle back looking good, you get points that can be used towards discounts, extra items, and more. Included in the first bundle is a laminated sheet with laundry tips to help you keep the clothes looking new. 

They also include a sheet detailing what you were sent to make it easy to remember what to send back. Each piece also has a ironed in label inside showing it's from The Bundle Borrow. When it's time to send the clothes back, just pack them back in the reusable bag they came in, flip the shipping label over (postage is already paid), and put it back in your mailbox. It really is very easy!

Interested in trying a bundle for yourself? Sign up for The Bundle Borrow here. Through the end of May, you can use the promo code "4MOM" to save $10 off your first bundle! You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the buttons below!

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