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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Beach!

I love the beach. It's so relaxing for me. I'm not sure what it is about the beach that makes me feel better, but I feel younger and healthier when I am here. My husband knows this so he took me for my birthday! I could think of no better present than a trip to my favorite place!

We went to the beach when Jaxon was 3 weeks old. But Jaxon was obviously too young to get in the water and I couldn't swim then anyways because of my stitches, so Jaxon and I just sat and watched the others play in the water. 

But now we're here again, just Jaxon, my husband and me. We miss the other three kids, but it's very relaxing just having the baby with us. The weather has been perfect, and we've enjoyed our time in the water, though there seems to be more algae and seaweed in the water than normal...possibly remnants of the oil spill? I'm not sure, but it means that every time we swim we need a shower immediately afterwards!

Jaxon really seems to like the water. He is very content to let us hold him while we bounce around in the waves.  

He also seemed to like the sand, though it was hard to keep him from eating it! 

Look how cute he is!

He wasn't too sure about his feet sinking in the sand as the waves crashed around his feet! And believe it or not, that outfit is a size 1 (12 months) and he is maxing it out, as you can see! My baby boy is getting so big!

The worst part this trip? We got there on Tuesday afternoon and on Thursday morning, I woke up with mastitis. This makes the third time I have had it in 11 weeks. It's very frustrating to keep dealing with it. And painful. If you haven't had it, it makes you feel like you have the flu. Not what you want to deal with on vacation! 

The last time I had it, the doctor gave me a refill on my antibiotics so I could take some if I had a recurrence without having to visit his office (love that!). However, I had left it at home and had used the little local pharmacy to fill it. But my husband called Publix, and they not only called and transferred the prescription for us, but they also filled it for free! So great! I love Publix and wish we had one in our area. After a couple doses of antibiotics and a long nap, I was feeling a good bit better. Thankfully, our beach vacations consist of eating, laying around by the water, reading, swimming, and napping. We take it easy. And apparently, that's what my body needed this time!

In other news, I have several giveaways coming up! I'm so excited to be hosting my first giveaways. So be on the lookout for those posts coming in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. I'm sooo sorry about the mastitis. :( I've never had it but I can imagine it's awful. And on a vacation, ugh! I'm glad you were able to get your antibiotics so easily, though!