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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jaxon at 7 months

Where does the time go? I feel like I was just writing the 6 month update!

Jaxon is now wearing mostly size 12 months. His size 1 Applecheeks and Thirsties covers no longer fit. His legs are getting chubby and he has a cute little belly.

At six months he wasn't able to sit unassisted for very long. But now he's doing great with that. On the day he turned 7 months old, he pulled up in his crib. Since then, he's pulled up in his pack and play, too. I am still not sure how he did that since the sides are all mesh...not sure what he grabbed onto to pull himself up! I am not ready for this!

He was standing up but I told him he was too little to do that so he sat down.

He is into EVERYTHING. He moves quickly - very quickly. It is hard to keep up with him. I am having such trouble babyproofing this time around. This house we live in is challenging for several different reasons: baseboard heaters, multiple staircases, huge fireplace, to name a few. Then there are the older siblings who remove outlet covers and leave tiny toys laying around that Jaxon could choke on. It's easiest at this point to just keep him close to me.

He loves water - the bathtub, the pool, and especially the ocean. On our recent beach trip, he also loved the sand. He loves balls, cars, and anything electronic: computers, cell phones, remote controls, etc. He is a very happy baby. He's always smiling and jabbering - he makes such cute sounds! He also loves the swing at the park...and food.

He still doesn't have any teeth, but that doesn't stop him from eating. He loves things he can feed himself, like the Gerber Little Crunchies & Puffs. He also loves fruit in his mesh feeder. I made him some pears with cinnamon and he loved them. I also gave him some Happy Baby baby food that comes in the pouches and he loved sucking it out of the pouch. I've been giving him some sort of food every day at lunchtime and he is loving it.

He says Dada constantly. He looks at his daddy and very loudly and firmly says "Dada" when he wants his attention. It's so sweet (and it melts his daddy's heart). He says baba too - not sure what it means, but he usually says it when he wants to nurse.

It's very clear that he cannot wait to be up and running around with his siblings. I can wait. I like enjoying my baby...but I think he's ready to be done with being a baby! Why does my baby have to grow up so quickly?

Is he cute or what?

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