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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bright Starts Having a Ball Alphabet Pop Top Review

As soon as I unpacked the Bright Starts Having A Ball Alphabet Pop Top from the box, Jaxon was interested in it and crawled over to check it out. Score one for Bright Starts for their packaging, which clearly appeals to babies! He was poking and pulling on the toy wanting me to open it.

Once we got it open and ready to play with, it became clear that this is a toy that we will get a lot of use from! The Alphabet Pop Top spins, plays music and lights up. The light up buttons teach letters, colors and objects, like the blue button says "B. Blue bird." When you push the plunger down 3 times in a row, the balls pop out. Jaxon cannot push the plunger yet by himself, but he has three older siblings who are happy to do it for him!

I typically have a love/hate relationship with electronic toys. They are usually great at entertaining kids, but as a parent, I often end up hating them. This toy wins over other electronic toys for a variety of reasons. 
  1. It's not too loud. So many toy manufacturers seem to think louder is better (it's not). You can feel comfortable letting your baby play with this toy without worries of it damaging his hearing. 
  2. It turns off on his own, quickly (instead of asking "Are you still there?" 10 times first like some of our other toys). But, it turns back on when the child touches it or starts playing again.
  3. It comes with batteries!

The Alphabet Pop Top comes with 4 balls. These balls are Jaxon's favorite part of the toy right now. Whoever came up with these balls was brilliant. We have other balls that came with toys and Jaxon sometimes has a hard time picking them up and holding onto them, because they are too large or too smooth. These four balls are the perfect size for him to hold and their shapes and textures help him grip the balls. He can even throw them! He really loves them. We will definitely be getting another toy from the Having a Ball line of toys.

And just so you can hear (and see) what the toy can do, here's a short little video. As you can see, Jaxon usually grabs it before it can spin much!

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I was provided an item by Bright Starts for review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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