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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disney World

Since I cannot seem to find time to post our Disney World trip synopsis, I thought I'd just share some pictures!

First day -welcome to the Magic Kingdom!
Watching the Magic Kingdom opening ceremony
First ride- Dumbo! Jaxon really enjoyed everything we rode!
With Cinderella
With Snow White
Like his hair? We spiked it up so he could meet the height requirement for Rock n' Roller Coaster! 
Riding in the Ergo - he enjoyed this more than I thought he would. 
And I mastered nursing in the Ergo. It was a life saver since the hot days made 
Jaxon nurse much more often than he normally would.
With Ariel
Waiting out the rain at Hollywood Studios.
We brought ponchos, but had left them in the van for this visit.
So Daddy got soaked going back to the van to get them for us so 
we could continue our visit. 
With Belle

Enjoying a cream puff in Norway at Epcot
Meeting Mickey - Jaxon couldn't stop staring at the characters & he kept trying to touch them.
Meeting Minnie - that's our friend Kaitlin holding Jaxon

Meeting Pluto

Rainbow. Because it rained poured EVERY SINGLE DAY we were there. 
"Test-driving" the cars at Test Track in Epcot
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With Daddy at Via Napoli (yum) in Italy at Epcot

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