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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Fluff Stash!

I sort of envy people who love a particular brand of diaper so much that they fill their entire stash with it. Me? I love all kinds of diapers and my favorites seem to change from day to day. Prefolds & flats with various covers, AIO's, and even pockets, which I thought I'd hate, but which now make up a big part of my stash! I like trying new diapers, and I love having various colors, styles, and prints. I have noticed that, like so many other things in my life, I tend to have expensive taste! My preferences tend to lean towards Applecheeks, Itti Bitti, Rumparooz, and BumGenius, which are all of the higher end of the price range. 

I have a lot of different diapers of all types and styles. This is mostly due to the fact that I have won a lot of different diapers, including the diaper that started my obsession it all - the Gro-Via!

Here is a picture of my stash. I wish I had a better system for organizing, but this works for now. 

Everything in bold was free with purchase or was something I won!
Left stack, from bottom: Red Kawaii, Dreamsicle Perfect Size Fuzzibunz, Yellow Kawaii, Ribbit BumGenius, Lagoon Blue Kissaluvs Marvels AIO, Light blue Kawaii, Saturn Blue Tiny Tush
Second stack from left: BumGenius Artist Series pockets: 2 Eiffel Tower, 2 Retail Therapy, 1 Jet Setter, BumGenius Artist Series Elemental AIO in Jet Setter, Itti Bitti Bitti Tutto in Jade and in Silver. 
Second stack from right: GoGreen pocket diapers (bottom 3), Applecheeks in dark chocolate & St. Lucia, Thirsties duo wrap in Blackbird and Cool Stripes.
Far right: Rumparooz: Whale Tale, 2 Gumballs, Root Beer, and Spring.

Bottom: Cow Patties minky diaper, Blueberry minky in Blue Pop and Blue on Chocolate, Gro-Via in Sunset and Seaside, Bummis Super Brite wrap in blue. I also have a Sprout Change diaper in CherryBerry, 4 Lil' Joeys in Gumball and Root Beer (that obviously no longer fit), and 4 Econobum covers. 
On the bottom, the left hand basket holds our 12 Bummis organic prefolds in the infant size. The right hand basket holds our extra inserts, flour sack towels and 12 Osocozy flats.  

On top of the changing table, I keep a peri bottle filled with plain water, an old Huggies wipe box filled with our Bummas wipes (wet using Honey Buns drops). I also keep my dry Itti Bitti Ultimate wipes, my Thirsties Fab wipes and some wipes I got from The Little Bee there. I usually wet them as needed using water from the peri bottle. 

Our wet bags aren't shown, but I have a large hanging Planet Wise wet/dry bag and a small Planet Wise wet/dry bag. 

I know there are still so many brands out there I haven't yet tried. What should I try out next?

Now, I want to see your stash! Write a post about your stash and leave your link below or just respond and tell me what you have and what I need!


  1. Looks really organized! What an excellent idea to have the peri bottle filled with water. I'm digging mine out and going to start using it.

    Autumn Beck

  2. Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog.