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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jaxon's First Airplane Ride

So this past weekend my husband wanted to attend a conference in New Orleans. Since my older kids were with their dad for their summer visitation, Jaxon & I decided to tag along with Jason to New Orleans. It's about a 6 1/2 hour drive from our house. We drove down on Thursday afternoon. We were almost to New Orleans when my ex decided to cause trouble and said he wasn't going to keep the kids for the weekend. Since I didn't want Jason to miss the conference he had been so excited about, we decided that I would fly home with Jaxon and Jason would drive back Saturday afternoon when the conference was over.

We had only brought one suitcase and the hanging wet bag full of clean diapers. I left the suitcase with Jason and just brought diapers and some of Jaxon's things home with me. So this was my checked baggage, lol.

There was only one flight I could take and get home in time to get the kids, so I ended up being in New Orleans for only 12 hours. Thankfully, my husband made sure I got to visit the place that was the top of my list: Cafe Du Monde. I had been to New Orleans when I was a teenager, traveling with a family to help with their children and babysit for them so they could have some couple time. That was more than 14 years ago but I still remember how amazing the beignets we ate while we were there were. So I really wanted to visit Cafe Du Monde again and I was glad we had time on the way to the airport to stop.

Jaxon and me at Cafe Du Monde

After eating beignets, it was time for the airport. I hated leaving my husband behind. We try not to spend the night away from each other, so it was hard for to me to say goodbye. I didn't have a stroller, so after I left Jason, it was just me with Jaxon in the sling, carrying my laptop bag, diaper bag, and the car seat. I am always grateful for the help fellow travelers offer while going through the airport security line. TSA agents offer no help, and since they make you take the baby out of the sling and also take the sling off, it makes it really hard to get your diaper bag and car seat, on the belt to go through the xray machine. But we made it, and after that, we just had to wait until it was time for our flight.

Chilling on his blanket at the airport

We were very lucky and the flight was not full. So I not only got to bring Jaxon's car seat onboard for him to have a seat, I also had the row to myself, which was very nice when it was time to nurse!

He loves his Sophie!

Jaxon was great during the plane ride! He nursed during takeoff and landing and played with me the rest of the time (strapped into his car seat - the pic above was taken before took off). He didn't sleep until we were landing, but I was really proud of how wonderful he did during the flight. He was so good and never cried or anything! Anyway, what started out as a negative experience turned out to be a little fun mommy/baby flight! 

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