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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Driveway Painting!

I borrowed this idea from my friend Lindsey at Kindred Spirit Mommy. My kids loved it! They had fun mixing the colors and since they love painting but seem to consider themselves too grown up for sidewalk chalk, this was perfect. I loved that it was super easy, because I'm not crafty at all.

To make this easy sidewalk/driveway paint, just mix equal parts cornstarch and water. The consistency will be watery. You don't want it too goopy. Then, add food coloring to make the colors you want. We used 3 drops per section of our muffin tin.

Ignore the messy muffin tin. I'm called Shaky Mommy for a reason. It's really a wonder I got this out of the house without spilling it! LOL. Aren't the colors pretty?

It was so bright outside this morning that the paintings look pretty washed out in the pictures. But they really turned out very colorful! Our little neighbor friend saw them painting, ran home and grabbed a paintbrush, and came back to help them paint!


  1. Cute Kids with lovely paintings. He he LOL.

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  2. You guys have an awesome driveway for it! :) Glad you enjoyed it, it turned out so great! I loved doing it, too.

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