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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jaxon is 4 months old!

Jaxon is 4 months old today! He is absolutely adorable and is a perfect baby. So glad we have him! I cannot believe he's been here for 4 months! Where does the time go? We stopped using the bassinet on his stroller this week and moved him to the actual seat. He loved it! I was so sad! He just looks so big!

He likes nursing, being kissed by mommy and daddy, being outside, the stroller, bath time, and listening to the fountains at the pool.

At the pool. He was not liking my sunglasses.
He doesn't like the car. He doesn't care for being passed around at church. He doesn't like it when I rub lotion all over him after his bath, or any other time really. He just doesn't like to be rubbed like that. Sometimes he doesn't like nursing on the right side. I have no idea why but he will make all kinds of mad noises and sometimes he just pulls off and then looks up at me and cries. It's so sad. It's not all the time but it is only on the right side. Maybe the milk comes out faster on that side or something? I'm not sure. Any ideas?

He is outgrowing clothes constantly! He weighs a little more than 14 lbs, according to our scales here. His 4 month checkup is on Monday, so I'll get an official number then. His body is very long, but his legs are still pretty short. He can still wear the pants from his newborn outfits but he is wearing 6-9 month sized onesies and shirts.

He loves bath time! 

He is eating often during the day. It is hot here and I think the heat makes him want to drink more. He is only pooping about once every 5-6 days. It freaks us out a little, but the doctor told me at his 2 month checkup that this could happen as he learns to process breast milk more efficiently. It means fewer dirty diapers to change, but it is weird to us.

We have not introduced solids yet. However we have had a lot of great organic produce lately and we let him gum a piece of cantaloupe, a peach, and a plum. He LOVED them all. It seemed like the peach was his favorite. I don't think he's ready for solids though because when he did get a tiny piece of peach he spit it right out. I'd love to hold off on the actual introduction of baby cereal and such til about 6 months...or longer. Some of the latest research I read shows that delaying solids til 6 months can reduce the likelihood of allergies. Since we have a family history of food allergies I want to do everything I can to prevent him from dealing with that. I have also seen a lot of articles lately stating that you don't have to start with rice cereal and can do fruits, veggies, or even meats first. So I'm looking for more information. When did you introduce solids? What food did you introduce first? How did it go?

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  1. Aw, what sweet photos! My little guy turns 5 months tomorrow. :) I can't believe how fast time goes when they're born... it DRAGS when you're pregnant, LOL.

    Isaac is the same in so many ways - the eating on one side (WHAT is up with that? I have no theories...), pooping ever 3 days or so, and loving being outside and kisses from the family. I did introduce solids last month because he was just SO interested in what we were eating. He's not completely gung ho for solids yet but I give him a little bit of rice cereal or something every day now. He likes it. :) I've given him organic carrots, squash, and prunes (when he wasn't pooping, lol) so far.