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Friday, May 20, 2011

Flats Challenge Practice

Test run. Gerber birdeye flat that’s about 10 years old and has always been used as a burp cloth. Pad folded inside a Thirsties cover. If you don’t have a Thirsties cover, get one. They’re amazing. Jaxon had a massive explosive poop and it contained it all. But both cover and flat needed washing. I did this in the bathroom sink. Not too terrible. I could not get the color out of the diapers even once the water started rinsing clear. But the sun took care of the staining.

Since Jaxon doesn’t like to be wet, I used a Bummis fleece liner. It was very hard to get clean. I think disposable liners would definitely be a plus (when you are expecting a poop) if you used flats full time.

Things to do:

1) Get better flats. (update –grabbed a pack of flour sack towels at Target today. 4 for $3.99. They are much larger than the Gerber flats and should allow for different folds.)
2) Figure out how to do a different fold that might keep the cover clean.


1) Flats dry quickly, especially outside.
2) Washing one diaper took longer than I thought it should.
Wishing I had gotten the bucket/plunger method, but since I would like to try to use flats on vacation, a bucket/plunger won’t be feasible, so I need to learn to get them clean in the sink for those times when a washing machine isn’t available.

Looking forward to Monday! This will definitely be a test of my resolve because I really love my washing machine. The flats aren’t that bad. The handwashing is a little icky.

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