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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flats Challenge - Day 1

Day 1 of the Flats Challenge (rules here) started out with a bang. Jaxon has recently started pooping only every other day. So today was scheduled to be his poop day. With that in mind, I folded the flat like a prefold. Then I wrapped him up, old school style, and Snappied the diaper to him. I thought that might contain the poop a little better and save my cover.

Wrong. I still had to change the cover. I tried to swish and dunk the diaper to get some of the poop off in the toilet. Apparently, breastfed baby poop is a little sticky or something….it doesn’t rinse well without lots of help from mommy hands! Next time I will take the diaper straight to our downstairs sink and use the sprayer and see if that works any better.

So, diaper 2: pad folded inside the Grovia Seaside shell.

Then, a bright light in our day – a package is delivered from Cotton Babies!! Woohoo! One dozen Ozocozy birdseye flats and FOUR Econobum covers! Wow! So excited to try these out! And since we only had 8 flour sack towels, this means I won’t have to wash every day.

I did pad fold the rest of the day until bedtime. Here's a picture of a pad folded Ozocozy flat inside our new Econobum cover. Nice and trim!

Ozocozy in a Econobum

We had no leaks all day. I also noticed something. I forgot to put fleece liners in Jaxon's diapers a couple of times. He HATES prefolds without liners. I thought he didn’t like feeling wet. But I think maybe it’s a texture issue. Even when wet, these flats are not rough on his skin, and he didn’t cry when wet or seem to be bothered by it.

Additionally, he often gets rashes when I use our prefolds (they are organic cotton). I thought it was from being wet, but that didn’t happen with the flats. So maybe it’s the organic fibers?

At bedtime I had planned to try one of the folds highlighted on Dirty Diaper Laundry. But he was fussy and I had a headache. And I knew I’d need to follow the directions step by step with the video or pictures to get it right. So I just made my own little fold using two flats. One was pad folded and laid inside the other that was triangle folded and then triangle folded again and then brought up between his legs and Snappi’d. One thing about flats is that they are highly customizable! It was bulky, but I think it will work.

Not the best job. And I told you he was fussy!

I used an Econobum cover for bedtime and I did remember to add a fleece liner this time!
He was not happy about me taking pictures instead of nursing him!

No washing tonight since I don’t feel good. But I’ll have to wash in the morning or I’ll run out of diapers tomorrow. It’s supposed to be hot and sunny tomorrow so they should dry quickly outside.

If you are participating in the challenge, how did your first day go?

***Thanks to Cotton Babies for providing flats and covers for me to use during this challenge***

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