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Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekend Recap - Manic Mommy Monday

Manic Mommy Monday!
We went to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. Jaxon poured his sippy cup full of water all over his pants and car seat on the (less than 5 minute) drive to the park. So while his shorts were drying on the top of the stroller canopy, he hunted eggs like this. Thankfully, he was wearing his super cute Rumparooz in Gumball diaper, so he looked pretty adorable. 

This was his first time to hunt eggs and he really seemed to enjoy it, even though he was pretty slow about it and didn't get very many eggs.

After this egg hunt, we went to an Easter carnival. Jaxon fell asleep on the ride there, even though it was less than 15 minutes away. 

Apparently, he was VERY tired, because he let us transfer him to his stroller and stayed asleep. Then he proceeded to sleep through some incredibly loud music that was playing, the sound of a helicopter as it dropped thousands of eggs onto the field, and the sound of thousands of children screaming. I wish he'd sleep like that at home!

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the other kids hunting eggs because for the first hunt, they were on the big kid field while Jaxon was on the toddler field and for the second hunt it was impossible to get close to them since there were so many other people there...I just stood back with the stroller so as not to get trampled!  

There were several carnival rides. The kids went down a gigantic slide. After we waited for them to do that, Jaxon woke up and so I took him in the toddler tent to play while Jason took the big kids to ride the swings. He thought this swimming pool turned ball pit was pretty cool. 

The highlight of my Saturday was the homemade twice fried French fries I made for the kids that they LOVED...LOVED...LOVED! When your fries are deemed "the best fries ever", it's a pretty good day.

Yesterday the kids participated in yet another egg hunt at church, but I wasn't outside for that one. This is the hunt where they really racked up. Since we have a small church and only a few kids, 300 eggs goes a very long way. They also loved that some of those eggs had money inside them!

We dyed eggs yesterday after church - we meant to do this Saturday but got caught up in other things. Britain bailed on us after dropping his eggs in dye, but the girls were caught up in dying the perfect eggs - that look on Alex's face is her asking Emily a million question about how Emily managed to achieve a particular color on her egg "Did you dip it in orange or pink first?" 

Then Jaxon came in for some egg dying fun. That's where things got interesting. He dropped an egg in the dye and he and I both ended up with blue dye splash marks on our hands. I removed his egg, and he grabbed the cup as I did that and then we had this:

Blue dye on my feet, Emily's socks, and all over Jaxon's stomach (he was shirtless to prevent stained clothes). 

This is what happens when all of the women in his life say "Jaxon, no!" at the same time! My mother-in-law was here, and so she, Alex, Emily, and I all made some cry of "No!" or "Jaxon" at the same time and the poor baby burst into tears. 

All in all, a good weekend, but one that really wore me out. My legs are still hurting from all the walking we did Saturday!

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  1. I bet his gumball Rumparooz looked cute in the ball pit pool! Looks like a fun Easter! My Maggie doesn't sleep at home either, and I would be shocked if I was able to transfer her to a stroller! Following you back - thanks for the visit. Mommy of One and Counting