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Friday, April 20, 2012

Nighttime Cloth Diapering

Let me start by first saying that Jaxon still doesn't sleep through the night. Instead, he nurses through the night. This equates to lots and lots of peeing. Since he is still nursing through the night, he's in our bed, and we don't want baby pee everywhere. So (successful) nighttime diapering is extremely important to us. We haven't had a nighttime leak in months, thank goodness!

Here are some basic tips, and then I'll list exactly what works for us.

1) Extra absorbency. If you don't want middle of the night changes, you'll need to double or even triple the absorbency. It might be bulky but that's why pajamas are stretchy, right?

2) Natural fibers. Hemp and bamboo inserts are extremely absorbent and hold a lot of liquid without adding as much bulk. 

3) For tummy sleepers, front elastic or a snug fit on the stomach is important. Before I figured this out, we had lots of wet tummies. I was stuffing 2-3 inserts inside pocket diapers and couldn't figure out why they were leaking when the inserts weren't soaked. But the diapers I was using at night just did not fit against his stomach well enough and the pee was not even getting to the inserts.

4) Fitteds - every bit of a fitted diaper is absorbent except for the snaps. The front, the back, the sides, even the tabs of the diaper absorb liquid. This means they can hold a lot of liquid.

5) Stay dry liners or diapers. When he was younger, the slightest wet feeling against his skin would leave Jaxon angry. I don't think he minds it as much now, but who wants to lay against a wet diaper? We use liners or stay dry materials at night whenever possible. 

These are my picks for nighttime:

Thirsties Fab Fitted - I love the Fab Fitted because the sleeve design allows you to add extra absorbency. I add a hemp insert. Microfiber absorbs quickly, but hemp absorbs more liquid. So the two together wick the moisture away from the baby quickly and just keep soaking it up as he pees. 

Thirsties Duo Wrap - I put the Duo Wrap over the combination of Fab Fitted/hemp insert. Failproof. Jaxon can go 13-14 hours in this diaper with no leaks. Bonus: Thirsties products are extremely affordable. I'm not a paid spokesperson for Thirsties, I promise.  

Applecheeks pocket diaper - I stuff the Applecheeks pocket diaper with a hemp insert and the Applecheeks bamboo insert. The pocket opening is huge -I could actually fit two inserts in there. I especially love the front elastic that Applecheeks offers to help stop tummy leaks. 

Flip organic inserts - these inserts really soak up the liquid. I use them with a fleece liner, since they are not stay dry. Depending on what time Jaxon is going to bed, I either put a Grovia cover over it, or pair it with a hemp insert and put an Econobum cover over it. 

If you cloth diaper, what do you use for nighttime diapering? 

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