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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

This past Saturday, Jaxon and I, along with a friend and her baby, drove to Huntsville, Alabama, to be part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change hosted by A Nurturing Moment. Jaxon and I had gone last year, but we weren't counted in the official totals because we didn't meet the 25 person minimum. This year, I was so happy to see 27 mamas with their babies there, and even a few daddies! It's nice to see cloth diapering catching on in our state.

The first thing we did was check out the clearance section, where I picked up a swim diaper for $2.25. Score. There was a cloth diapering class before the swap, and since we were a little early, we sat in for part of that. Jaxon loved the classroom area that had lots of toys for little ones to be entertained by. He seemed to enjoy watching the other babies.

He loved this Boon Animal Bag. I did, too! Such a great way to store stuffed animals!
After the class, we got registered and set up for the change. 
The classroom area quickly filled up, and so 10-12 of us ended up in the cloth diapering area of the store. 
A Nurturing Moment handed out lots of door prizes including several diapers and I won a Kawaii diaper. They also gave each of us a sample of Rockin' Green!
Getting ready for the change...
I changed Jaxon into the very first cloth diaper we owned, a GroVia AI2 with organic insert in Sunset Stripes. I won this diaper from GroVia when I was just a few months pregnant. We were already thinking about cloth diapering, but we had never seen a cloth diaper in person. When this came in the mail, we were both amazed by how soft it was and how easy it was to put on. Since this diaper was the first one we owned and the one that sold us on cloth diapering, I thought it was fitting to use this year! Plus, GroVia was giving away 1,000 diapers to anyone who sent in pictures of their baby being changed into a GroVia at the GCDC (hoping that I qualified for that)!

After the actual change, we had a diaper swap. It was crazy! I don't think anyone thought there would be this many mamas or diapers for swapping there. There were diapers everywhere and lots of buying, selling, and trading taking place. I bought a bitti tutto for $7 in a color I didn't have yet (royal blue). I sold three diapers as well, which allowed me to purchase a diaper I've really been wanting -  a Thirsties Duo AIO in Blackbird! 

I changed into an itti bitti bitti tutto last year. I was trying to remember what diaper I changed from last year. After looking back at last year's pictures, I realized I changed Jaxon from a Rumparooz Gumball both years! I also realized I used the same blanket as my changing pad both years. Clearly, I have some favorite things that I just automatically gravitate towards. 

All in all, it was such a fun event. Jaxon and I had a blast! I was happy I was able to go since there is a chance Jaxon will be 2 next year and could be potty trained by the next GCDC. But if I do get to go next year, I think I'll be using that same blanket and changing from a Rumparooz Gumball just to keep up my (unintentional) tradition!

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