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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hearts For Hearts Girls

We first discovered Hearts For Hearts Girls a little more than a year ago. Alex really wanted a new doll for her birthday, but didn't want the new doll to be her only birthday present. We went looking for some affordable, quality options for "big girl" dolls, and stumbled across the Hearts for Hearts Girls. At $28-$30, the dolls are reasonably priced. When I saw that they donate a portion of proceeds to World Vision, a ministry that we've supported for many years, I was hooked. 
The Hearts for Hearts girls each come with a mini storybook that tells their story. Alex chose Consuelo, who is from Mexico. Her parents run a bakery and Consuelo comes up with the idea for how they can help feed the hungry kids in her neighborhood. We love that the Hearts for Hearts Girls are such great role models and help to inspire girls to change the world around them. 
When Hearts for Hearts girls contacted us about having a party to share our love for these dolls, we were super excited! We were sent a doll for Alex & Emily to enjoy and another doll to give away at our party. The girls quickly fell in love with Nahji, who is from India. We decided to give away Lauryce, who is one of the newest Hearts For Hearts Girls. 
Lauryce, from New Orleans
At our party, we served beignets & Cafe Du Monde coffee (just for the mommies!) in honor of Lauryce's hometown of New Orleans. We also had Indian Mac & Cheese bites. Speaking of the moms, they all loved the message behind the Hearts For Hearts Girls. 
We were sent some "passports" for each girl to decorate and put stickers in. The passports showed how to say hello in each language that the Hearts For Hearts Girls speak. But mostly, the party was filled with lots of playing! The girls all loved the Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls. 

Unlike some other dolls geared towards girls this age, Hearts For Hearts girls come with several accessories and have many small touches to make them unique and fun. For example, Nahji wears a choker and earrings, as well as a pearl headband. She also has strappy sandals, gold bangle bracelets, and a nose piercing. 
Nahji's nose piercing
She even has a henna tattoo on her hand! 
Nahji's henna tattoo
We were sent two bracelets for each girl at the party, so they could each keep one and take the other home to share with a friend. Each girl also received a coupon to get a discount off of the purchase of her very own Hearts For Hearts Girl doll. All of the girls were talking about which doll they wanted!
Dell & Nahji ready to hand out bracelets to our guests
We really love our Hearts For Hearts Girls and highly recommend them.  

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  1. this dollies looks lovely. And te fact they come with a story is a plus. (I think it helps the child to connect with the new friend faster). Great ost and wonderful idea. Thanks