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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frisbee Golf & Roller Skating

We are very lucky in that we have several great parks near our house to play at during the week, including a park within walking distance of our house. The kids play outside and ride scooters and bikes at our house every day that the weather allows, but it's nice to have somewhere different to play sometimes.  

Recently, one of the local parks installed a Frisbee golf course. I'd never heard of Frisbee golf, but the concept seemed simple enough. The kids had all received new Frisbees at the beach during our last trip, so we headed out earlier this week to try out the new course. I was happy to have something new to do for PE. 

We didn't play the course in order, because there were some serious Frisbee golfers out there playing, so we tried to stay out of their way. We also didn't play right, since none of my kids can throw a Frisbee 300 + feet, which seemed to be the average distance from the tee (do you call it that in Frisbee golf) to the basket. I did teach the kids how to read the par, and what that meant. Emily seemed to be delighted when she would get the Frisbee in the basket in less than par...the fact that she was throwing from 20 feet away instead of the usual 323 feet was lost on her! They had a great time and they have already asked to go back. 

The funniest part of this little excursion came at the end. Britain and Alex had tied and Britain insisted on a tiebreaker. They threw from about 15 feet away and Alex nailed the basket on her first throw. Britain took 2 throws and was furious that Alex had beat him.

It seems our kids cannot stand to lose...as we found out at the skating rink this week as well. Our homeschool group went skating this week. Britain entered the skate races and almost cried coming off the rink after his loss. Emily entered the foot races and also lost, and ran straight off the rink and literally fell into Jason, bawling her eyes out. Thankfully, they had a great time skating with friends so the losses didn't ruin our fun. I think some 
discussions on how to be a good loser are definitely needed around here!

Jaxon really wanted to skate...he loved watching the kids & all the lights!

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