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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I did it.

I finally did it. 

I left my baby boy with someone other than my husband.

And guess what? We BOTH came out of the experience unscathed. Well, there was a lot of separation anxiety that we had to overcome, but that was all on my end- Jaxon seemed to be perfectly okay.

A few months back, I posted about how I was leaving Jaxon with my mother-in-law so we could go out for our anniversary. Well, in the end, I just couldn't leave him. I chickened out. I didn't blog about it because, well, I felt like a wimp. 

But tonight, we had a couple of things going on where we both felt like Jaxon would be better off staying with Jason's mom at her house than going with us. We had to drop the big kids off at her house anyway, so we decided to try it and see what Jaxon would do when we tried to leave. He surprised me by giving us both "goodbye" kisses and then going to play, barely looking up as we walked out the door. 

I checked on him via text throughout the evening, thinking I'd need to go pick him up. We weren't too far away, so I knew I could go get him and be back to where I needed to be within 20 minutes if anything went wrong. He had missed his nap today, so I expected him to be extra fussy and wanting to nurse a lot. But he did just fine without me, even falling asleep without his customary bedtime nursing. 

He did wake up before we got there and was very glad to see us when we arrived to pick up the kids. He didn't seem to have any lasting resentment towards me, lol, though he did nurse for about 20 minutes!

It wasn't nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be. Jaxon seemed to have enjoyed himself. I was a little bit lonesome without my baby sidekick. It was definitely weird not having him with me. That's the longest period of time I've ever been away from him.

My baby is getting so big! So tell me, am I weird to feel this way about leaving him when he's 17 1/2 months old? How old was your baby when you left them for the first time?

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  1. Good for you! The first time is definitely the hardest. Even now, every time we have a babysitter I clutch my cell phone the entire time and check it every five minutes to make sure I haven't missed a call. So glad your night out went well.