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Friday, March 9, 2012

We're All Moved In

So we are finally all moved in and we are starting to get settled. I got the schoolroom set up first, since we spend half of our day there everyday. The living room, dining room, kitchen and our bedroom were pretty easy too. The bedrooms are still needing some work. Our kids went from 3 bedrooms, plus a playroom, to 2 bedrooms and no playroom, so there is a lot of cleaning out and consolidating still to do. We took a big pile of things they no longer play with to the thrift store and got rid of anything that was broken before we moved. But we still have too much. So our garage is a mess right now as I weed through everything in there and try to decide what they REALLY play with, what's worth saving for Jaxon to play with in a couple of years and what is easiest to just get rid of. It's a very slow process, which is frustrating for me, because I'm a "everything needs a place, and let's keep everything in its place" kind of girl. Thank goodness for the garage - at least I can shut the door when I'm tired of dealing with the mess! 

As always, Jaxon slows down the process since it's hard to keep him in the garage with me, but since he only naps for 47.3 minutes each day, it's also hard to get things done during his naps.

A few random things:

The cabinet doors in this house have handles, so I can use cabinet locks that don't require drilling holes in everything. Jaxon no longer empties the cabinets 9 times each day. This is one of those little things that makes my life easier.

The toilets in our new house messed up very soon after we moved in...backing up into the bathtubs - gross. We called our landlord and she immediately got someone out here to fix it, even though it was Sunday and she had to pay extra. When she found out they couldn't fix it the same day (they came back on Monday to finish the job), she called and told us she would pay to put us up in a hotel room. Isn't that so sweet? We were extremely pleased that she was so responsive and caring. It's very different from the rental situation we were previously in.

Moving + Parkinson's = days and days of pain. We moved most of our stuff in a weekend early because of forecasted tornadoes. I was sore that night, which was to be expected because I lifted some things I probably shouldn't have lifted. I was even more sore the next day and by the third day, things that didn't hurt the night we moved were hurting. It's like my body was mad at me. Then we spent last weekend finishing up, moving smaller things and cleaning the old house. It wasn't as much work as the first weekend, but my body thought it was. It's now Friday and I'm still sore. My body seems to take a long time to recover from things these days. 

We are going to have some chickens so we can have fresh eggs. We just got our baby chicks last night and the kids could not be more excited.  

We're also going to be planting a garden soon. I'm so excited (and so glad that my sweet husband is planning to do most of the work)! I love fresh veggies, but after seeing how I reacted after the move, I'm not sure my body is up for the work of a garden. We're hoping the garden will be productive so we can provide fresh produce to the community through the food pantry

We also are going to have some chickens so we can have fresh eggs. We just got our baby chicks last night and the kids could not be more excited.  

Anyone else out there have a garden? What do you grow?

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