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Friday, October 21, 2011

Natural House Products Review & Giveaway

I love a clean house. I used to buy and try all the latest cleaning products just to find what worked best. Then I learned that so many of the chemical agents used in household cleaning products were harmful, not just to touch, but even to breathe in. I also learned that many of them don't fully rinse away, leaving harmful chemicals on your counters or toilets for your kids to touch.

When I found out that I had Parkinson's, I read a lot about the causes of Parkinson's. Many researchers believe that Parkinson's is caused by environmental factors such as pesticide sprays on our food, cleaning agents in our homes, toxic substances in workplaces. Yet another reason to get rid of harmful chemicals in our lives. Since then, I have been trying to switch to products that are safer and made from natural ingredients to lessen my children's risk for health problems later in life. I was very excited to learn about Natural House Products.

Natural House Products makes natural household cleaning products that are plant based, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The cleaners contain good probiotics which naturally digest odors at their source. Best of all, the cleaners continue working until your next weekly treatment. I love that you only  clean once but you get all the effects of a clean toilet, sink and trash can all week long!

So how do they work? The probiotics create a microbial level eco-system right there in your sink, trash can, or toilet. Within this tiny eco-system, enzymes are produced by the probiotics. These enzymes break down odors, waste, food scraps, and toilet paper products on a continuous basis between treatments. 

The cleaners each have a nice, pleasant smell. These cleaners are so easy to use and require very little effort. Trashy comes in a spray bottle. Spray it into the bottom of your trash can. Wipe clean or let it air dry before you put a new bag in the can. Sinky & Flushy are even easier -they are little pouches that dissolve in water. Each pouch is full of the probiotic cleaning agents. For Sinky, you just drop the pouch into the sink and run a little water on it. It starts to foam up, and the foam cleans as it goes - all the way down into your pipes or garbage disposal.  
For Flushy, you do basically the same - drop the pouch into the toilet, let it foam for 10 seconds, scrub with your toilet brush, and then flush. If you have a septic tank, then Flushy's probiotics work in your septic tank to keep your system healthy. Flushy is my favorite of these cleaners because I hate dirty toilets. Flushy is so easy to use and it has a nice minty smell as it foams and cleans. I don't like traditional pine scented cleaners so the minty smell is very refreshing. 
I really like how easy it is to use these products! I would love to see Natural House come out with a probiotic cleaner for countertops! 

Natural House products can be purchased directly from their website, or from Amazon. A 30 day supply of the product is just $4.99 on Amazon, with free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member.  

You can also stay updated on these great products by following Natural House Products on Facebook and Twitter

Want to see a cute video about how the products work? 

Natural House Products wants to give one of you a chance to try the same three cleaners that I tried. You'll get to try a 30 day supply of Sinky, Trashy, and Flushy! 

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I received a set of natural cleaning products for review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.


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  3. I would love to try the Flushy.

  4. I'm most interested in trying Sinky! I know my disposal could use it!

  5. I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your illness. My Mother's boyfriend of twenty years just found out this past Spring that he has this as well. This was heartbreaking news! My understanding is that with medication it will be controlled for a few years.

  6. I think stinky would be interesting to try/

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  9. I'm excited about them all, but most excited to try Sinky.