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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jaxon at 6 months

Jaxon is now 6 months old. He weighs just over 16 lbs and is 27 1/2 inches long. He is wearing size 9 months in most things and 12 months in others. The funny thing is that while he needs a 9-12 month one piece outfit, he can still wear pants that are size 3 months. His length is mainly in his torso. He has developed little chubby thighs and a little chunky butt...so adorable!

I'm amazed at all he can do. He communicates his wants and needs very well. He grabs at my shirt or buries his head in my chest when he wants to eat. He has a sort of fussy sound he makes after he poops that lets us know when he needs to be changed. He hates to have a dirty diaper! He makes a different fussing sound when he wants to be held. He certainly knows how to get what he wants!

He is moving around in his own little way. He crawls on his belly, mostly using his legs to push himself. He is pretty quick at it, especially on the hardwood floors. He is trying to pull up on the coffee table from his stomach. I think that he really wants to just skip crawling and go straight to walking. He cannot sit unassisted yet. I think that may be because I'm holding him so much and when I put him down, I always put him down on his tummy. So I'm trying to sit with him more on the floor to give him practice sitting up.

He adores balls and cars. He's such a boy! He loves to watch his big brother crash cars into each other. He just laughs and laughs. 

Playing on the floor of his brother's room
He also loves bath time. LOVES IT! He likes the pool, too, but there's something about the bath that just makes him so happy. He loves to be naked and being naked in water seems to be a great combination for him!
That red blur is his bath toy that he's waving around - he gets so excited!
He is terrified of hand dryers in public bathrooms. He gets a scared look on his face and bursts into tears every time he hears one. It's pitiful! 

He is much more tolerant of his sisters and brother than he used to be. He seems to actually enjoy their antics as long as he's not tired. 

He is not more tolerant of the car. He really does not like being strapped in for more than a few minutes and car rides are still not that fun for us. 
Smiling in the car seat -this is a rare sight
We have kind of taken a break on solids. I noticed he was spitting up more when he ate solids. So I felt like maybe he just wasn't quite ready. He still gets tastes of things sometimes but I'm not giving him solids on any regular basis. He does  love anything he can hold and eat or gnaw on. I found a Gerber snack called little crunchies that kind of dissolve in his mouth and he likes to hold those and munch on them while we are eating. 

He has no teeth yet, and I'm okay with that. He has an adorable little gummy smile! I'm going to miss it when he gets teeth. 

He can say mama, which comes out more like "a-ma" but definitely refers to me. He usually only says it when I'm not in the room, as if he's calling me. Because he doesn't say it when I'm around, it took me more than a month to finally hear it once he started saying it and it is adorable. He can also say dada, but he doesn't do it often. I think he likes to hear his daddy beg for him to say it! His newest sound is a b sound that comes out as "bah", "beh", and "buh." I'm not sure what it refers to, but it's a cute little sound! And when he combines it with his mmm sound, which he often does, it sounds like he's singing Mmmbop by Hanson. It's hilarious. Then he laughs at us when we sing Mmmbop back to him. I love hearing him talk. It's probably my favorite part of this stage that he's at. 

I just can't believe he is growing so quickly! I wish he would slow down a little! It's all going by way too fast!

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