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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post Pregnancy Parkinson's Update

So it's now been almost 9 weeks since baby boy's birth. In my opinion, I am doing well. My Parkinson's symptoms never got too bad during the pregnancy. I was sore, and the tremor was ever present. But I had only a few days where I felt like I needed Parkinson's meds and I never felt like the disease had progressed.

During delivery, my Parkinson's symptoms were on full display. I was very shaky, especially while the contractions were most intense. But, once the baby was born and things calmed down, it seemed like things were better.

A couple of weeks after we left the hospital, my husband and I both noticed that my bladder issues were non-existent. My tremor was around, but was definitely not as noticeable. My pain is usually worst in my legs, but I was having no pain at all. So that was good, and gave us hope that things had not progressed too much.

Now that I’m 9 weeks out, I’m sad to report that I have had a few accidents. But the good news is that it hasn’t been as bad as it was. My pain is definitely back in my legs. It seems to flare up most when I’m on my feet a lot or when I walk around the track with the kids. Exercise is supposed to help people with Parkinson’s, or so I’ve read in many different places, but I personally do not find that to be the case. I always end up regretting the exercise. It seems to make me sore. For now, sleep seems to relieve most of the pain. Usually the pain is gone by the morning, which is good.

The pregnancy and this sweet baby boy were worth whatever progression I experience. There’s been so little research done on Parkinson’s and pregnancy that I’m not even sure when the progression is supposed to take place.  But for now, I would say that in my non-expert opinion, I have not experienced any progression in the disease or in my symptoms. And that’s good news J

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